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Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies

An expert on Latinos and LGBT social movements and representation in the media.

Director of Research, International Gaming Institute

An expert in gambling and esports.

Professor, Biochemistry

An expert in biochemistry.

Assistant Professor, School of Life Sciences

An expert in ecology, fire management, and U.S. National Parks.

Professor, Social Work

An expert in welfare policies and programs.

Associate Professor

An expert on obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Founding Dean, UNLV School of Medicine

Dr. Barbara Atkinson is an accomplished researcher, teacher and administrator in the fields of medicine and medical education. 

Assistant Professor of Special Education

An expert on inclusive education for individuals with autism and intellectual disability.

Executive Director, Academic Multicultural Center

An expert on diversity issues, Title IX, and faculty, student and staff development

Assistant Director of Charitable Gift Planning

Professor of Law

An expert in constitutional law and the intersection of law and religion.

Associate Professor, Journalism and Media Studies

An expert in free speech, the media, and First Amendment issues

Professor, History

An expert on Native American history.

Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships

An expert on financial aid, including grants, scholarships, student loans, work-study, and federal programs.

Professor, Psychology

An expert in clinical psychology, psychopathy, emotions and personality traits.

Professor, Anthropology

An expert in medical anthropology, health, disease, and maternal nutrition. 

Professor, Sociology and Hotel Management

An expert on gaming and society, Bernhard has been featured on CNN, The Discovery Channel, the BBC, and The History Channel.

Professor of Public Policy

Lee Bernick is a professor with expertise in state and local public policy, survey research, public budgeting, and legislative behavior.

Assistant Professor in Communication Studies

An expert on science communication, religion and politics.

Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

An expert in folklore and popular culture.