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Rebecca Gill

Associate Professor, Political Science

Director, Women's Research Institute of Nevada

Expertise: Interdisciplinarity, Gender and race bias, Performance evaluation, Elections, Women and politics, Judicial selection, Judicial decision-making, American courts, American constitutional law & policy


Rebecca Gill brings a decidedly interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to understanding important social issues involving law, courts, and social norms. Gill is an expert on judges, judicial selection, and race and gender bias. She is an engaging speaker with experience presenting to a wide range of audiences, including via radio and television. As the director of the Women's Research Institute of Nevada, Gill is particularly excited to talk about the wide range of research about gender, women, and girls here at UNLV.

Gill is the recipient of a multi-year National Science Foundation grant to investigate implicit bias in judicial performance evaluations. She is also working on other research involving gender and courts, including the role of masculinity and social norms on the selection and behavior of judges American Courts.

Gill's research has appeared in the Law & Society Review, the Georgetown Law Journal, Ohio State Law Journal, and a number of other high profile scholarly journals. Her work has also been featured in a number of popular outlets, like the Washington Post, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, and the Empirical Legal Studies Blog. Gill is the co-author of Judicialization of Politics: The Interplay of Institutional Structure, Legal Doctrine, and Politics on the High Court of Australia.

Rebecca Gill In The News

Apr 23, 2018

When UNLV political science professor Rebecca Gill was a graduate student at Michigan State in 2003, she went through something that is today causing quite a stir in academia.

Apr 19, 2018

The editor of the American Journal of Political Science, William G. Jacoby, who has been accused of sexual harassment, posted his denial of those allegations on the journal’s website. His use of the journal to try to discredit the allegations against him outraged many political scientists, who were already frustrated by the handling of the case by the Midwest Political Science Association, which oversees the journal.

Apr 19, 2018

The American Journal of Political Science is of one of the field’s most esteemed publications. So visitors to the journal’s main webpage were everything from incredulous to irate about what they saw there earlier this week: instead of just political science news, editor William G. Jacoby had posted a message denying the sexual harassment allegations he’s facing.

Mar 9, 2018

Women across the globe marched to support one another for International Women's Day Thursday. Companies did their part too. McDonald’s switched its iconic M to a W, and Barbie released 17 new dolls as part of its role model line.

“It’s not just about celebrating our successes, but also amplifying our voices,” Rebecca Gill said. Gill leads the Women Research Institute at UNLV.

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