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The Casino Collectibles Association (CCA) has announced its 31st annual show, scheduled to take place in Exhibit Hall C at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, from June 13th to 15th, 2024. The association calls the show a "must-see for those fascinated by gaming history".

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There are a few red flags surrounding how the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) handles confidentiality. People are worried that this might affect the transparency and answerability of the state’s very profitable casino industry.

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As the start of early voting begins Saturday, May 25, in Clark County, one professor is stressing the impact of down-ballot races. Dr. Michael Green, a UNLV professor and the history department chair, joined ARC Las Vegas and Evan Schreiber live to give some perspective on early voting.

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When driving down Boulder Highway, you can't miss the line of casinos, especially the Eastside Cannery. It's been closed since the pandemic, but this week, there's a renewed hope it'll reopen.

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State higher education officials expressed strong skepticism over UNLV’s plans to enter into a lengthy ground lease on 42 acres of university-owned land near the Las Vegas Strip.

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Memorial Day weekend — the traditional kickoff to summer vacations — is expected to be bigger than last year, local tourism experts say. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority said Wednesday it is projecting 343,000 people will visit Southern Nevada in the upcoming weekend, a 1.8 percent increase over last year.

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The Nevada Gaming Control Board has an exemption that most other law enforcement in Nevada do not enjoy and that, experts say, prevents transparency and accountability in a government charged with overseeing the state’s top industry.

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The United States will be a country of minorities in the near future. It’s expected that, by 2060, non-Hispanic whites will make up slightly less than half of the population. It’s a reality drawn up by statistics, and it’s also the worst nightmare of Donald Trump, who dreams of “making America great again” by expelling millions of immigrants from the country. However, to achieve this, the Republican would have to win the presidential elections in November, and to do that, he needs the support of millions of Latinos.