Kavita Batra

Assistant Professor and Medical Research Biostatistician, Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine
President-elect, Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health at UNLV
Expertise: Health behaviors, Global health, COVID-19, Vaccine hesitancy, Epidemiology, Health Disparities, Oral health, Statistics, Maternal and child health


Kavita Batra is an assistant professor and senior medical research biostatistician with the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV. Her research interests include maternal and child health, the impact of COVID-19 on mental health, understanding social determinants of health, and vaccine hesitancy. Batra is also part of an interdisciplinary UNLV team studying traffic safety, which includes linked Nevada traffic database research, analysis of improper use of child restraints on roadside injuries, and Statistical Transparency of Policing (STOP) grant.

Batra began her career in India as a dental surgeon and public health officer. After obtaining advanced public health degrees from UNLV, she joined the medical school's faculty, where she provides statistical and research training to faculty, residents, fellows, and medical students.

Batra has published multiple peer-reviewed articles to investigate the far-ranging impact of COVID-19 among diverse groups. Her work has received several mentions in media outlets, such as Medscape and Inside Higher Ed, and by researchers at the global level. One of her meta-analytical pieces of evidence was also utilized by the European Union to synthesize evidence related to mental health and resilience amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Batra serves on the topical advisory panel and editorial boards of several journals, including Dentistry, Vaccines, Annals of Epidemiology, Psychiatric Case Reports and Healthcare. Additionally, she serves as the director of internal medicine resident research at UNLV's medical school and is a member of the Nevada System of Higher Education's Sexual Misconduct Task Force and the state secretary for the Nevada Public Health Association.


  • Ph.D., Public Health, UNLV
  • MPH, School of Public Health, UNLV
  • BDS, Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital, Pune, India

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Kavita Batra In The News

Sunday Guardian Live
The long Covid-19 lockdowns and the threat of health risks outside kept people isolated, holed up in their houses, and glued to their TV screens, laptops, and mobile phones in India. This sedentary lifestyle didn’t spare the children either. Even young preschoolers have started to spend more screen time—using mobile phones at an alarmingly high number of daily hours. Screen-watching among Indian preschoolers and children is much higher than the prescribed screen-watching limit set by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, and the World Health Organization (WHO).
Sunday Guardian Live
Parents of teens and young adults, beware. Smoking, including vaping, continues to be the biggest health risk. A US-centric multi-authored study finds that in the age group of 18-24 years, nicotine and cannabis remain high-risk consumption items. Additionally, young adults in America are also consuming the deadly cocktail of alcohol and cigarettes. Globally, smoking and drug abuse continue to affect nearly 14% of the youth, and over 5.6% of the world population in the age group of 16-64 years is consuming drugs, say the study experts.
Inside Higher Ed
Like countless educators across America, I have completed active shooter training. The public university where I teach requires it. Officially, I have been instructed on how to run, hide and fight in order to ensure that my students and I survive in the event that an aspiring assassin enters our classroom.

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