Erin Breen

Director, Vulnerable Road Users Project
Coordinator, Traffic Safety Coalition
Director, Safe Community Partnership Program
Expertise: Traffic Safety, Pedestrian Safety Education, Transportation Research


Erin Breen serves as director of UNLV's Vulnerable Road Users Project. Breen is also the coordinator of  the UNLV Transportation Research Center's Traffic Safety Coalition.

Breen specializes in traffic and pedestrian safety, bringing research and awareness for state policymakers on the issues of drunk and distracted driving, jaywalking, and more. After experiencing personal tragedy when her daughter survived a preventable car accident, Breen began researching ways to increase traffic safety awareness for new and reckless drivers throughout Southern Nevada. Breen has since been a key player in lobbying driving laws, such as Nevada's graduated driving law — a restriction for teenage motorists that has dramatically dropped the number of underage driving deaths.

Breen actively works with Silver State municipalities to promote pedestrian and driving safety education for student commuters.

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Erin Breen In The News

January 21, 2022
Nevada’s adoption of a new child car seat law has separated it from states with the weakest regulations for preventing traffic fatalities, according to a safety advocacy group.
December 17, 2021
It’s dangerous driving Las Vegas streets.
November 24, 2021
One of the biggest tasks for Nevada State Police and every other local agency is pedestrian safety.
November 12, 2021
Driving is simultaneously mundane and dangerous.

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