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Learn from the Best, in The Heart of the Industry

The William F. Harrah College of Hospitality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is the world's preeminent hospitality management school, pairing a world-class education with industry-relevant practical experience. This immersive, holistic learning environment uniquely prepares students for leadership roles in the hospitality and gaming industry.

UNLV Hospitality Management students learn from renowned industry experts within blocks of the most notable resorts on the globe. And with our affordable tuition rates and generous scholarship offerings, earning your bachelor's or master's degree at the Harrah College of Hospitality is more attainable than you think.

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Students Work and Intern at the Epicenter of the Industry


The Harrah College of Hospitality’s proximity to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip places our students at the forefront of the industry. Students enjoy unparalleled internship, job, mentorship, and research opportunities with prominent industry professionals – real-world experience that helps students launch successful careers.

Plus, our students get to master the craft of hospitality management inside Hospitality Hall – a modern, interactive learning laboratory that closely mirrors the industry.

Hospitality College Featured on "The College Tour at UNLV"

Students and alumni from the Harrah College of Hospitality appeared on Amazon Prime's The College Tour to talk about how the incredible resources, diversity, and opportunities at UNLV have helped them succeed. It's never been a better time to be a Hospitality Rebel!

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Student Support and Success

UNLV offers resources to support students at all stages of their academic careers. Kaila discusses how she felt supported through peer mentorship and how she pays it forward by helping other students begin their college journey.

Kaila Seidler
  • Majors: Film, Hospitality Management
  • Hometown: Harlingen, Texas
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Global Experiences

Cultural diversity surrounds you at UNLV whether you are on campus, exploring the surrounding community, or strolling on the Las Vegas Strip. Hieu explains how his experiences at UNLV and the many influences of our international city will help make his hospitality career successful.

Hieu Nguyen
  • Major: Hospitality Management
  • Minors: Global Entrepreneurship, Management
  • Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Megan Carraher speaking

Rebels Forever

Being a Rebel doesn’t end after graduation. Megan formed lifelong connections through participating in Greek Life and hospitality events, which helped launch her into success in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Megan Carraher
  • Degree Programs: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management '11, Master of Hospitality Administration '16
  • Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Undergraduate Degree Program

The Harrah College of Hospitality undergraduate program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management. This 120-credit-hour program typically takes four years to complete.

Undergraduate students have the option of specializing in one of the following concentrations:

  • Event Design and Management
  • Gaming Management
  • Hospitality Beverage Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Innovative Restaurant Management
  • PGA Golf Management

Undergraduate students must meet certain academic standards to be admitted to UNLV and the Harrah College of Hospitality. The University accepts the Common App.

Las Vegas offers endless opportunities for students who are pursuing careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. Working with some of the biggest names in the industry, the college helps connect students with internships, mentors, and jobs following graduation.

Our academic advisors will help students navigate the undergraduate program, explaining academic requirements, developing plans of study, and providing general support throughout their UNLV careers.

UNLV accepts both the Common App and the UNLV Application.

Graduate Degrees and Certificates

For professionals and students who wish to advance their education, the Harrah College of Hospitality offers several graduate degree options, including in-person and online programs. A graduate degree from the college prepares students to be leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Graduate students must have completed an undergraduate degree program and meet UNLV admission requirements before being admitted to the university.

An advanced degree from the Harrah College of Hospitality gives professionals the competitive edge they need to step into management positions or pursue academic careers. The college’s strong support system, including our extensive career resources, help make our students’ career goals possible.

Graduate students work closely with advisors to map out an educational plan that supports their learning interests.

Graduate applicants that meet university requirements may apply online.

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Experience Campus

Hospitality College students enjoy immersive, hands-on learning inside the jewel of the UNLV campus—Hospitality Hall, located just blocks away from the famed Las Vegas Strip. Our close connection to the industry and responsiveness to the needs of the evolving hospitality market help us maintain our top position among competing programs—producing graduates who are leading all major sectors of the industry across the globe.

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