Welcome to the Harrah College of Hospitality at UNLV—one of the leading hospitality management programs in the world. As dean of the college it is my privilege to help nurture the bright and passionate minds that choose to pursue this vibrant field of study.

As dedicated hospitality educators and proud Rebels, we know it is our responsibility to deliver a high-quality education while staying at the forefront of industry innovation. That means we are never satisfied with “good enough". We go above and beyond traditional hospitality programs by offering a timely, flexible curriculum that responds to the needs of a highly dynamic industry and a diverse student body that will never be one-size-fits-all.

Here at the College of Hospitality you’ll get a rich balance of theoretical principles, intensive hands-on skills, and the freedom to tailor your education to your interests. When you leave, you will be highly practiced and prepared to take on your first, second … even third jobs. alongside your fellow alumni—some of the most influential hospitality professionals in the world.

While you are immersed in all facets of hospitality operations, you’ll also learn that leadership in the service industry does not mean servitude. It’s about orchestrating a seamless, transcendent experiences for your guest—regardless if it’s in a hotel, restaurant, nightclub, stadium, healthcare facility, etc. Whether at the front-of-house or behind the scenes, hospitality professionals are always at the center of it all creating something special for the customer.

We can’t wait to join you on this academic adventure. If you haven’t decided on a program yet, we welcome you to reach out to us and find out more about the college. We’re looking for highly individualized innovators like you, and we will work hard to help you build the career of your dreams.

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Stowe Shoemaker
Dean, Harrah College of Hospitality
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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During his distinguished 25-year career in hospitality and gaming, Dr. Stowe Shoemaker’s research has been published in dozens of top-tier academic journals. Shoemaker has garnered numerous research grants and advised companies on loyalty programs, pricing strategy, and customer experience. For many years Dr. Shoemaker served as a member of the executive education faculty at his alma mater, the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Previous faculty posts include full-professor positions at the Harrah College of Hospitality at UNLV and the Conrad Hilton School of Hospitality at the University of Houston (More on Dr. Shoemaker).