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Careers in Hospitality

Hospitality Management Career Opportunities

Students graduating from the top-rated UNLV Harrah College of Hospitality bring a solid foundation of business theory and hands-on experience to the workforce. Our graduates are primed to take on leadership roles in a variety of industry segments. Career types include:

  • Hotel Management Careers
  • Events and Entertainment Careers
  • Casinos and Gaming Careers
  • Food and Beverage Careers
  • Travel, Tourism, and Wellness Careers
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Career Paths

There are numerous branches within the hospitality industry – each requiring a unique set of skills and knowledge. Here are some of the most common roles found in each sector:

From quaint lodges to high-end luxury brands, hotels run the gamut in size and complexity. In addition to front-facing guest services personnel, these establishments require numerous behind-the-scenes management professionals to keep properties operating smoothly.

  • General Manager – oversees hotel operations, including the management of facilities and personnel.
  • Director of Human Resources – supervises recruitment and staffing; personnel relations; training; and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
  • Marketing and Public Relations Director – directs brand management, promotional campaigns, and media relations.
  • Revenue Manager – optimizes pricing based on consumer demand.
  • Accounting Manager – oversees revenue reporting and analysis as well as accounts payable and receivable.
  • Director of Housekeeping – manages guestroom attendants, controls labor costs, maintains supplies, etc.
  • Hotel Development Director – typically works at the brand level, with a focus on franchising and investment strategy.
  • Facilities Director – handles planning, construction, day-to-day operations, and maintenance of the property.

Events and entertainment professionals bring people together, creating great experiences in the form of conferences, trade shows, concerts, music festivals, sporting events, and more. They are masters of logistics and imagination.

  • Arena Manager – coordinates the operation of the facility, hires contractors, manages the budget, etc.
  • Music Festival Producer – runs all aspects of the show, including the talent, vendors, budget, and production timelines.
  • Nightlife Manager – organizes event logistics, including planning, budgeting, performing artists, and security.
  • Event Designer – directs strategy, design, fabrication, delivery, and logistics for event clients.
  • Convention Sales Manager – develops business contracts, sells venue space, reviews/approves contracts, etc.
  • Business Development Manager — engages with clients and negotiates agreements with trade associations on behalf of an event company.
  • Non-Profit Director – organizes/promotes fundraising events, manages staff and volunteers, generates sponsorships, etc.

The gaming industry has blossomed over the past decade and is ripe for innovation and opportunity. Though traditional casinos continue their popularity throughout the world, the proliferation of online gaming has audiences finding new ways to compete, bet, and engage.

  • Casino Operations Director – manages all operations of the casino (e.g., table games, slots, race and sports book, etc.) and assures compliance with regulations.
  • Casino Marketing Manager – uses market research to create and adjust gaming promotional strategies.
  • Casino Host – liaises with guests to create brand affinity and encourage casino promotional activity.
  • Casino Finance Manager – directs all casino finance control functions and ensures compliance with gaming, tax, and federal regulations.
  • Online Gaming Operations Director – drives market strategy, secures game content, manages relationships with casino game vendors, etc.
  • Head of Esports – develops esports strategies, manages related competition and events, and promotes presence within the esports culture.


From neighborhood taverns to fine-dining restaurants (and everything in between), opportunities for food and beverage professionals are wide-ranging. You’ll find these trained professionals in a variety of roles.

  • Restaurant Manager – oversees recruitment/hiring/training, menu development, food quality, and cost control of a restaurant.
  • Food and Beverage Director – oversees menu planning, ordering, costs, and services related to the food and beverage operation of a hospitality enterprise.
  • Bar/Brewery Owner – manages inventory, staff, marketing, bar promotions, sales, etc.
  • Restaurant Franchise Owner – manages the budget, recruits/trains/hires staff, and maintains records and compliance with franchisor brand guidelines.
  • Buyer for Foodservice Company – coordinates inventory and pricing while monitoring market conditions and sourcing from new vendors when necessary.
  • Nightclub Manager – oversees food and beverage, staffing, and all aspects of the customer service experience at a nightclub.
  • Sommelier – recommends wine and food pairings to guests, develops wine lists, and promotes wine-based events.

Whether for business, thrills, or to enhance physical and mental health, people love to travel. With all of the available choices, professionals in this hospitality sector are charged with finding creative ways to direct travelers to particular experiences and destinations.

  • Tour Operator – creates tour packages, to include accommodations, meals, sightseeing, guides, and transportation.
  • Travel Consultant – researches travel options, arranges travel, and connects individuals or corporate clients with tour operators.
  • Loyalty Program Manager – engages customers via promotional offerings and events (can work for airlines, travel websites, medical tourism destinations, etc.)
  • Destination Marketing Specialist – directs research and targeted advertising to promote destinations (works for a private company or tourism authority).
  • Cruise Director – oversees the entertainment, social functions, and activity staff on a cruise ship.
  • Spa Manager – manages the hiring, training, scheduling, inventory, and facilities of a spa operation.

Functioning like a small city, integrated resorts encompass many of the industry sectors described here, including hotels, casinos, event spaces, nightclubs, spas, entertainment venues, and restaurants. As such, these mega establishments require in-house professional staff to work in all segments of the enterprise.

How UNLV Students are Changing the World

A degree from the Harrah College of Hospitality prepares you to become a leader in the hospitality and tourism industry. Our graduates are doing amazing work and shaping the industry.

A woman smiling.

Martha Morales ’09

General Manager, Nobu Hotel Las Vegas

Martha rose through the ranks at a major hotel brand and now serves as general manager at a Las Vegas property.

A man smiling.

Lovell Walker ’09

VP of Business Development, Penn National Gaming

Lovell works for a global hotel brand, bringing newer technologies, like mobile gaming and esports, into the casino space.

A man smiling.

Andrew Insigne ’11

Director of Event Marketing, Tao Group

Andrew orchestrates major events for an international hospitality and nightlife company.

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