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Dual Master's Degree in Hotel Administration & Management Information Systems



2.5 to 3 years

(full time)

Required Credits



UNLV campus

5 Reasons to get a dual Master of MIS/HOA degree at UNLV:

  • Top-ranked program; located in the center of the hospitality industry.
  • Opportunity to combine your interests in hospitality management and computer technology.
  • Learn in environment that spurs innovative, broad-level thinking.
  • Double your networking opportunities by working with faculty, professionals, and fellow students in two separate fields.
  • Unique “dual” specialty gives you an edge over the competition in the job market.

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The Future of the Hospitality Industry Depends on Technology

Management Information Systems professionals are critical to the success of any hospitality organization, as these individual are the innovators who help reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies, and improve services and the customer’s experience. As a student in the dual Master of Science in Management Information Systems and Master of Science in Hotel Administration (MIS/HOA) degree program, you will build the unique skillsets to make an impact in this growing sector while gaining the leadership tools to move up in your organization.

Admission Process

The dual master's in MIS/HOA program is open to graduates from all undergraduate disciplines. You are required to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year institution in the United States, or proof of equivalent training at an international college or university. Although applications are reviewed by both the Harrah College of Hospitality and Lee Business School admissions committees, you need only submit one application and pay only one application fee.

Dual Degree Program Structure

The dual MIS/HOA degree is a 48-hour program in which students take 24 credits in Hotel Administration and 24 credits in Management Information Systems. Full-time students typically receive their degree within 2.5 to 3 years, while part-time students average between 4 and 5 years.

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"I chose this path because I am interested in the hospitality industry, data analytics, and technology as a whole. I believe that taking classes from both programs really broadened my perspective."

Dennis Baloglu
Dual MIS/HOA master's student

Application Deadlines

Fall Term:
February 15 – to be considered for funding
May 1 – for international applicants
July 15 – for domestic or permanent residence applicants

Spring Term:
October 1 – for international applicants
November 15 – for domestic or permanent resident applicants


The dual MIS/HOA degree program consists of faculty from both the Harrah College of Hospitality and Lee Business School. These distinguished teachers and researchers are at the top of their respective fields, and their work is regularly published in scholarly journals.

Diversifying Your Skills For a Better Career

There’s no doubt having interdisciplinary knowledge that includes a broad range of skills will make you more marketable in the workforce. As a dual-graduate-degree holder, you’ll demonstrate to future employers just how disciplined you are as an employee and how serious you are about your career.

Career Options

With your dual MIS/HOA degree, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a variety of roles, including:

  • Business analyst
  • Systems analyst
  • Security analyst
  • IT manager
  • Systems administrator

Harrah College of Hospitality Office of Graduate Programs

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Program Advisors

Harrah College of Hospitality
Tony Henthorne

Lee Business School
Han-fen Hu