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Your First-Year Experience at UNLV

The First Year Experience (FYE) is a collection of people, resources, and programs that are designed to help you set yourself up for a successful transition to UNLV. The program will help you navigate your first year of college so that you connect with people and campus happenings.

Becoming a UNLV student is a huge deal. We recognize that you’ve accomplished so much to get here, and we’re committed to helping you create a college experience that lives up to those accomplishments. The best part is that you get to customize and create a First Year Experience that works for you.

Based on what we know from research and experience, here are five key areas we recommend you focus on to maximize your First Year Experience: connect, explore, grow, thrive, and believe. Read more below about the programs, people, and resources here to help you do just that.

You’re not in this alone! Connect with the people on your “FYE Success Team” for guidance, support, and answers to all your questions.

Create memories and build leadership skills by getting involved and experiencing campus traditions and events. UNLV has so much to offer as you discover more about yourself, your interests and explore academic and social opportunities in the campus and surrounding community!

Set yourself up for long-term success and grow toward goals that matter to you.

Thrive at UNLV by managing your wellness and reflecting on your identities and values.

  • Balance your health and well-being with free or low-cost resources in the Student Wellness Center
  • Get personalized tips and tools to take care of your health with YOU@UNLV
  • Reflect on your identity, goals and have meaningful conversations about UNLV’s Common Read
  • Contribute to a diverse and inclusive campus environment that provides affirming resources and services for everyone

Celebrate your accomplishments, and know that your FYE is just the beginning of an incredible college experience!

  • Honor milestones in your FYE by attending the First 100 Days Celebration in December and the Welcome to Spring recognition event in January
  • Rise up into your second year experience! Attend Rebels Rising Up Day in spring & get ready to join Rebels R.I.S.E. in your sophomore year.

Personalize Your FYE and Qualify for the FYE Connection Award

We have created a menu of experiences to help make your FYE meaningful to you. The events featured on this menu are hosted by units across UNLV and can help you build a network that supports your goals.

By personalizing your engagement with the FYE menu and network, you can qualify to win the FYE Connection Award Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded two times a year at the end of the fall and spring semesters!

Peer Mentoring Program

As part of your First Year Experience (FYE) you have the opportunity to connect with a peer mentor. Peer mentoring is a campus-wide initiative designed to support first-year student success. Peer mentors are also undergraduate students who can share their personal experiences and provide guidance and support. Peer mentoring programs pair first-year students with a more experienced peer to help them navigate the transition to UNLV.