Rebels R.I.S.E

Reflection. Involvement. Scholarship. Engagement.

Rebels R.I.S.E. encourages UNLV students to rise above obstacles and uncertainty and reflect personally, increase their involvement on campus, seek scholarly activities and expand their engagement within the community.

One main focus of Rebels R.I.S.E. is to promote meaningful learning experiences for students during their sophomore year.

UNLV Rebels R.I.S.E. Scholar Program

Rebels R.I.S.E Scholar program provides annual cohorts of UNLV undergraduate sophomore students with opportunities to encourage meaningful learning experiences for students during their sophomore year. The Rebels R.I.S.E. program encourages UNLV students to rise-up to reflect personally, increase their involvement on campus, seek scholarly activities and increase their engagement within the community.

The program will select 60 students to participate in the inaugural cohort for the academic year 2019-20. Each participant will be expected to participate in a number of activities throughout the year, and they will each receive a bookstore voucher and an Amazon Kindle to help pay for the time that they spend in the program and reward their full participation.

Program Benefits

  • Special workshops, events, and activities geared toward the critical sophomore year
  • $50 Bookstore voucher for program participants that complete four Fall 2019 activities
  • An Amazon Kindle for program participants hat complete four Spring 2020 activities
  • Rebels R.I.S.E. t-shirt
  • Special mention at the Spring Sophomore Recognition Event in Spring 2020
  • Gain valuable skills

Eligibility Requirements

This program is open to current UNLV undergraduate students who:

  • Are enrolled full-time (minimum 12 credits per semester) during their Rebels R.I.S.E. Scholar program year
  • Are in good standing with the University
  • Have completed 30- 59 credit hours at the time that they apply to the program


Acceptance in the Rebels R.I.S.E. Scholar program may be competitive. Complete applications must be submitted by July 26, 2019. Decision letters will be sent to your RebelMail by August 2, 2019.

Application form: Rebels R.I.S.E. application form

Program Requirements

Students must complete and document attendance/participation in one in each area of Reflection, Involvement, Scholarship, and Engagement of the Sophomore Checklist. Full details and progress forms will be sent to selected program scholars.

2019 Sophomore Recognition and Pinning Ceremony

This ceremony occurred in April and is a part of Rebels R.I.S.E. sophomore retention initiatives. Sophomores from each college were recognized for their outstanding achievements. This ceremony is a celebration of student hitting their half-way point of their undergraduate journey. The students received a pin, took a pledge, and heard some inspiring sophomore of the year stories. Please join us next year and be on the lookout for an invitation in Spring 2020.

2019 Sophomore Recognition Ceremony Winners

Here are the winners from left to right:

Peter Grema, Lee Business School
Finn Caoile, Honors College
Aaron Cheng, College of Sciences
Maricel Gomez, Division of Health Sciences
Tyler Perry, Academic Success Center
Alyssia Isom, College of Fine Arts
Candace Mays, College of Liberal Arts

Winners not pictured:

Clayton Alenik, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality
Martha Ramos Ochoa, College of Education
Lisa Ly, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
Victor Taksheyev, Howard R.Hughes College of Engineering

Sophomore Checklist

Reflection Section

  • Visit your academic advisor to assess your academic standing and progress
toward graduation
  • Make sure you are fulfilling your general education credits and taking any pre-requisite courses for your degree program and register for the next semester of classes
  • Confirm your major choice or change majors if necessary
  • Add a minor to complement your major and enhance your knowledge and skills base
  • Seek out peer and faculty mentors
  • Practice self-care and utilize the resources of the Student Wellness Center
  • Attend the Spring Sophomore Pinning Ceremony (invitations emailed in March)

Involvement Section

  • Join a student organization or fraternity/sorority
  • Attend an athletics event as tickets are free for students
  • Explore the workshops and resources provided by Career Services such as career fairs, resume writing workshops, and networking events
  • Participate in campus wide Rebel events such as Homecoming
  • Engage with CSUN, your student government body
  • Don’t miss amazing opportunities to get involved with the UNLV involvement center

Scholarship Section

Engagement Section

International Study Destinations of Prior Winners

  • San Ramon, Costa Rica
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Chengug, China
  • London, England
  • Alicante, Spain
  • Galway, Ireland
  • Nagasaki, Japan
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Pau, France
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Torino, Italy
  • San Sebastian, Spain
  • Viterbo, Italy
  • Lyon, France