First-Year Students

Making the transition to college is an exciting time full of questions and new horizons. First-Year advisors are here to assist with your transition to UNLV. If this is your first year, utilize this page to start learning about what to do next and email the First-Year Advisor in your college to connect and ask questions.

First-Year Advisors

Academic Success Center
MAJORS: Exploring majors, non-admitted/non-degree-seeking students, and Major Pathways Program

MAJORS: Accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, management, management information systems (information management), marketing, real estate

Stephen Sumner

MAJORS: Early childhood education, elementary education, human services, secondary education, special education

Lauren Layton

MAJORS: Civil engineering, computer engineering, computer science, construction management, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, entertainment engineering and design (shared with the College of Fine Arts)

John Robles

Fine Arts
MAJORS: Architecture, interior architecture and design, landscape architecture, art, graphic design, art history, dance, entertainment engineering and design (schedule w/College of Engineering), film, music, theatre arts

Ryan Ziegler

Health Sciences
MAJORS: athletic training, comprehensive medical imaging, health physics, kinesiological sciences, nuclear medicine, nutrition sciences, radiography (certificate)
Nursing: pre-nursing and nursing
School of Public Health: Public Health and Health Care Administration

Maria Aladjova

MAJORS: The Honors College accepts application from ALL majors.

Alice Hastings

MAJORS: hospitality management
Concentrations: event and design management, gaming management, innovative, restaurant management, hospitality beverage management, PGA golf management

Daniel Abeleda

Liberal Arts
MAJORS: African American and African Diaspora studies, anthropology, Asian and Asian American studies, English, French, gender and sexuality studies, German, history, Latinx and Latin American studies, multidisciplinary studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, romance languages, social science studies, sociology, and Spanish

Zoe Terico

MAJORS: Biological sciences, chemistry, biochemistry, earth & environmental science, geology, mathematical sciences, physics, applied physics, computational physics

Leah Morales

Urban Affairs
MAJORS: Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, Journalism and Media Studies, Social Work, Urban Studies

Eric Michael

Student Success
MAJORS: All majors

  • Understand the differences between high school and college, and set yourself up for a successful first year.

  • Follow these tips to help manage your time if you plan on working while going to school.

  • Get a list of commonly used terms for academic advising.

  • Find helpful tips and suggestions to assist you with the registration process.

  • Break up your study time and have some valuable experiences outside the classroom.

  • R.S.V.P. and obtain a schedule for this event.

  • The Rebel First-Year Success Experience provides incoming freshmen and transfer students with a comprehensive network of engagement and support opportunities that ease the transition to the UNLV campus, promote success, and student achievement.

  • Learn about the roles and responsibilities of students, parents, and advisors.

  • Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about academic advising.

  • Access a list of advising centers and their respective majors.