Students form the U-N-L-V letters with fireworks in the background during Premier

Premier UNLV

Check out Premier UNLV, one of the largest and longest-running traditions on campus, and help us kick off the start of a new school year.


In August 1996, Premier UNLV was created as a major kick-off event to excite students about the upcoming year and connect them to the REBEL experience. Premier UNLV has grown into a cherished tradition and is embraced by all students, new and returning. The event was created by the Student Involvement & Activities (formerly Office of Student Engagement & Diversity, Campus Community Development, Student Involvement and Activities, and Office of Civic Engagement and Diversity), which is a part of the Division of Student Life.  While Rebel Events Board coordinates the planning and production of the event each year, Premier UNLV is a collaborative event, including support from many offices and organizations (e.g., CSUN Student Government, the Office of the President, Athletics, UNLV Marching Band, Campus Housing).

Students holding up the Guinness World Records plaque.

Guinness World Record Broke

UNLV students, led by the Rebel Events Board, broke the Guinness World Record for most LED lights lit simultaneously at the 2016 Premier event.

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