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First-Year Success Experience

About Us

The Rebel First-Year Success Experience provides incoming freshmen and transfer students with a comprehensive network of engagement and support opportunities that ease the transition to the UNLV campus, promote success, and student achievement.

The Rebel First-Year Success Experience is delivered by a large team of professional staff, faculty, and paraprofessionals charged with creating a seamless and integrated student experience. By collaborating broadly across academic colleges, student affairs, and academic advising we develop integrated opportunities that ensure every first-year student has a network of support and an educational plan. Each Rebel connected with the First-Year Success Experience will receive individualized support, educational planning, and resources during their transition to campus, through the important first-year, and throughout their time until they graduate.

The REBEL Way from Admission to Graduation and Beyond

Through an integrated model that includes orientation, dedicated first-year advisors and seminars, experiential learning, and peer mentoring students can select which success programs and learning opportunities best fit their schedule and interests.

In addition, the Rebel First-Year Success Experience provides resources, training, and development opportunities for staff and faculty as well as early warning tools that expand our coordinated care network for every first-year student at UNLV.

Defining First-Year Student Success

At UNLV, student success is measured by factors beyond academic performance, retention, and graduation. We want all of our students to thrive as a Rebel which is contingent upon each student’s personal, academic, and interpersonal engagement with curricular and co-curricular educational opportunities (Schreiner, 2013).

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