Crowds of people with their families walking through campus.

Parents & Families

Family engagement focuses on the shared goal of supporting your student on the path to college graduation, while building their resilience and self-advocacy skills. You can make a major impact on your student with consistent, positive messages that prioritize their educational goals.

How can you support your student’s First-Year success?

We encourage you to be a supportive spectator for your students by considering the following:

  • Have a conversation about class attendance, study time, grades, and communication. Set shared expectations with your student.
  • Make sure they have a quiet place to study. It is recommended that they spend at least 3-5 hours per week studying for each class.
  • Generally students will take 4-5 classes each semester, which means 20-25 hours per week of reading and homework.
  • Understand that even though they may not be in class all day long, they have a significant amount of homework to complete on their own.
  • Help your students plan and manage their time effectively. If possible, encourage your students to work only part-time (20 hours or less) and to look for an on-campus job. On-campus employers prioritize that their employees are students first.
  • Participate in family programming opportunities during Orientation, Welcome Week, and Family Weekend to meet other families and build your connection to campus.
  • Learn about Campus Resources through the online handbook and Orientation program. Most of the services offered are included with your students’ tuition, such as Academic Tutoring, Writing Center, Student Health Center, and Counseling & Psychological Services.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of these resources.
  • Ask your student if they’ve made an academic advising appointment. Students should meet with their advisor at least once every semester, typically in Sept/Oct and Feb/March.
  • Challenge your student to get involved on campus by attending at least one event. You are encouraged to accompany your student to events like Family Orientation, UNLV Creates, Family Day, Homecoming Festival, and Athletic events. Check the UNLV Family Network page for more information.

What’s different from K-12 family involvement?

In your student’s K-12 education, you may have used applications like Infinite Campus, ParentLink, or Campus Parent where you received notifications about your student’s grades, attendance, and messages from the school. Because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA, 1974), all educational communications must go from UNLV directly to your student. This includes information about Admissions, Financial Aid, class registration, to do lists, and grades.

To keep families informed, we created the UNLV Family Network, which has 10,000 active family members. We provide a monthly e-newsletter and a Facebook group with updates and key dates. Please consider joining the network here. We recognize that parents and families can be a critical support system for students and encourage you to ask questions and support one another on the journey.