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First- and Second-Year Seminars

About the Seminars

The College of Education’s first- and second-year seminar courses are a great way to build a strong foundation for personal and academic success. A part of the required UNLV General Education Curriculum, these courses are a great opportunity to meet and work with other students in a smaller class than you’ll find in many other courses your first two years on campus.

Both courses are offered every semester, including summer term. Visit MyUNLV to register today.

COE 103 - First-Year Seminar

Our first-year seminar, COE 103, features engaging instructors focused on helping you learn to succeed at UNLV, including time management and study skills. You’ll discuss and debate current issues like climate change, gun violence, economic inequality, and more. You’ll select an issue to research during the semester and participate in a service learning project ideally related to your issue.

Here are some comments from past students:

  • "This class taught me how to manage time, take notes, and get help on campus when I need it. You paid for all these resources, so use them."
  • "I could honestly say this course has helped me become successful not only in this class but all my other classes."
  • "My favorite assignment involved community service."

COE 202 - Second-Year Seminar

Once you’ve conquered COE 103 or a first-year seminar in another UNLV college, you’ll be ready for our second-year seminar, COE 202. Here you’ll build more critical thinking skills and deepen your research and analysis abilities. Engage with classmates and learn how to effectively discuss and debate current issues. You’ll also strengthen your writing skills and build community with your instructor and classmates as you participate in a service learning project.

Here are some comments from past students:

  • "This is a useful class that’s aim is to prepare you for the rest of college. Be prepared to actually participate in class and have in depth discussions with your fellow classmates."
  • "This course is different from any other classes that I have taken. It helped me become more comfortable with others and able to speak my opinions."
  • "As long as you are open to new ideas and different ways of learning, this class is actually really fun. The service learning was something I had never done before, and I enjoyed being able to share my experience."
  • "The service learning project is by far the best thing to come out of this class. It’s really important to volunteer in the community and the assignment is a great way to do that."

Learn More

To learn more about the program or to inquire about teaching opportunities (and to obtain the instructor handbook), please contact: 

Nathan Slife
First- and Second-Year Seminars
College of Education