Our Training Offerings

Training sessions are offered on a first come, first served basis, and you must register to attend. For workshops and open labs, registration is optional. Our offerings are only available to members of the UNLV community.

UNLV is obligated to make content accessible and usable by persons with disabilities. This in-depth training is designed to help you develop, create, and maintain accessible materials. The training gives you the necessary knowledge and tools to make accessibility happen.

Time Commitment

This course runs five and a half hours, and it can be taken in a single day or in segmented format.

Learning Outcomes

  • Obtain a solid-but-general understanding of what accessibility is, why it is essential, and how to begin implementing it on a small scale
  • Create accessibility materials (including webpages, Word, and PDF documents)
  • Evaluate materials and technologies for accessibility
  • Use design support and resources

Who Should Attend

All content creators, face-to-face and online instructors, faculty, staff, administrators, and other interested parties are highly encouraged to register and attend.

Register for Training

Note: If your UNLV unit wants to schedule a customized FOA, submit an email request to Accessibility Resources Team Support.

This intermediate WebCampus course module is available once you have completed the FOA. It is designed for instructors using Canvas to share digital materials with students, whether in fully online courses or in-person courses supplemented on the web. The module aims to increase your ability to identify accessibility concerns in online course materials and use available Canvas options to address those concerns.

We offer abbreviated training for faculty, part-time instructors, and graduate teaching assistants. Microsoft Word is used to demonstrate the required structures to support digital accessibility in a syllabus. The content covered in this training session provides baseline accessibility information for other nominal documents.

Visit the Accessible Syllabus page for more information. To request custom training for graduate assistants, email accessibilityresourceteam-request@unlv.edu.

The Accessibility Resources Team (ART) is part of the purchasing vetting process when you plan to purchase, subscribe to, and/or license the following:

  • Apps
  • Datasets
  • Databases
  • Software
  • Web-based resources
  • Portals

Upon request, the ART provides a one-hour training on accessibility procurement processes where you can learn about the basic paperwork required from vendors and what exceptions are available.

We offer training on additional topics throughout the semester and year. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • PowerPoint accessibility (including PDF accessibility-related issues)
  • More-than-basic PDF accessibility (managing and correcting PDF accessibility for web distribution)
  • Fillable PDF accessibility (for those who are still using PDF-based fillable forms)
  • InDesign accessibility (using Adobe's page design tool with accessibility/PDF output in mind)
  • Procurement for accessibility conformance (for those who purchase technology with or for the units, understanding the required documentation as well as exception processes)

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Visit the ART Google Calendar for a calendar view of our upcoming training opportunities.

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Note: If your UNLV unit wants to schedule a customized accessibility training, email Accessibility Resources Team Support.