Welcome to the Office of Accessibility Resources

To help meet UNLV’s obligations to persons with disabilities, UNLV has identified a need to create the Office of Accessibility Resources to oversee and support a five-phase accessibility plan. The Office of Accessibility Resources, through the accessibility plan, will provide resources for the UNLV community to develop and adopt accessible Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for persons with disabilities and promote a culture of universal access.

Mission Statement

The Accessibility Resources Team provides oversight and resource support to help ensure the accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies at UNLV and promotes equal access for persons with disabilities.

Support Statement

The Accessibility Resources Team is dedicated to providing advising, education, technical support and resources to our administrators, faculty and staff in developing, adopting and procuring accessible digital materials and technologies.

Resources and Services We Offer

We provide information, training opportunities and consultation support on various topics supporting UNLV’s accessibility initiatives and policy.

Please visit our A.R.T. Training Calendar page to view our available training topics and times and/or register for a training session. The Accessibility Resources Team is happy to train graduate assistants, staff, administrative and academic faculty, academic and administrative units upon request - please contact the team via email or by telephone.

If you have document and digital media accessibility questions, please email the team to set up a consultation discussion session.

For those who wish to procure/purchase ICT (information and communication technology) products and have questions about the Office of Accessibility Resource’s part of the process, please view our Procurement and Purchasing for Accessibility Conformance page or email the procurement processing team to schedule a call or meeting.

The January 2020 UNLV digital accessibility policy outlines accessibility standards and guidelines for the creation and procurement of learning materials, communications, software, and other digital content at UNLV.

Accessibility News

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Should you require accessibility advising, technical support and/or resources, please make a request through the accessibilityresourceteam-request@unlv.edu e-mail and describe in detail what support you need.

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