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  • Academic Renewal

    Academic renewal is defined as one semester of UNLV course work disregarded in all calculations regarding academic standing, grade point average, and eligibility for graduation at UNLV. To be eligible for academic renewal, a minimum of three consecutive years must have elapsed since the last semester of attendance at UNLV. To initiate academic renewal, submit the online Academic Renewal Form.
  • Ad Hoc Request Form

    Please fill out an ad hoc report request form in the Staff Support Center.
  • Add/Drop Period

    The Add/Drop period is the period of time after the semester begins when students can add and drop their classes with no academic or financial penalties. For the Fall and Spring semesters the add/drop period is the first five days of classes. Summer add/drop dates can be found on the Summer Term website.
  • Administrative Security Access Request

    The following form initiates the process for gaining new or updating your existing administrative access to MyUNLV. All administrative users must complete the mandatory FERPA training and NSHE security form. The Staff Support Center request should be completed, after which a MyUNLV Support staff member will contact you regarding this request.
  • Auditing a Class

    Auditing allows a student to continue attending a course, but no grade or credit is awarded. Once audited, a course cannot be changed back to credit unless it is before the end of the add/drop period for that term. Courses can be changed to audit in the Enrollment Tile of the Rebel Student Homepage as long as it is after the start of the term but before the final audit deadline. Detailed instructions for changing a class to audit can be found on the Guides and Tutorials page.


  • Birthdate

    See "Request to Change Personal Identification Data Form"


  • Career Restriction

    Students who wish to take courses outside of their career (undergraduates taking graduate courses, etc.) must obtain permission. Undergraduates who wish to enroll in graduate course must complete an Approval for an Undergraduate to Enroll in a Graduate Level Course form, enter the necessary information, and have it approved by the Graduate College prior to registration.
  • Change of Major

    Change of Major requests must be submitted by an Academic Advisor. Students wishing to change their major should contact the advising center for the major of interest. Students may also meet with an advisor in the Academic Success Center to explore options.
  • Consent Required to Enroll

    Some courses require instructor or department consent in order to enroll. This consent must be obtained and entered into the system prior to enrollment. Contact the appropriate authority (instructor or department) in order to obtain the permission.
  • Credit by Exam

    If you are not on probation, you may take an examination for credit in a course listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. Please download the Credit by Exam form and visit your advising center to learn more.
  • Credit Overload Petition Form

    To enroll in more than the maximum number credits for a semester, you must obtain authorization from your academic advisor and other required authorities (specific to each college). You must fill out a petition form and indicate the specific number of credits you wish to be enrolled in. Once you have secured the appropriate signatures, you will submit the approved form to the Office of the Registrar (SSC-C). Fall and Spring Petitions can be submitted electronically, however you must submit Summer Overloads in person with a photo ID. The form should also include the five-digit call number(s) for all courses you wish to add. Graduate students who wish to enroll in more than 15 credits in the Fall or Spring term (or more than 12 credits in the Summer term) should submit the overload request form in the Grad Rebel Gateway.
  • Cross Career

    For more information about graduate students taking undergraduate-level courses, please visit the Graduate Catalog Admission Status and Classification of Students policy.
  • Curriculum Forms

    Curriculum Forms can be used to create, change, or delete a course, minor/concentration, or program. UNLV utilizes a curriculum workflow program that replaces the former paper forms. You can access them by visiting the curriculum.
  • Change of Personal Identification Data Form

    Changes or updates to your Name, SSN, DOB, or Gender may be submitted via this form with appropriate documentation. Please follow the instructions on the Change of Personal Identification Data Form. If the gender identity option you are looking for is not present on the form, you can leave it blank, and attach a copy of your state issued id with your preferred gender.


  • Diploma Reorder Service

    Replacement diplomas may be ordered via our Online Diploma Service. Replacement diplomas cost $20 plus shipping. Orders will be printed and mailed within 1-2 business days. An e-diploma is also available for $10. This is a signed and certified PDF of your original paper diploma. There are no shipping charges for an e-diploma.
  • Directory Information

    In accordance with the UNLV policy and the U.S. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), UNLV vigorously protects the privacy of student education records. UNLV does not release private records of individual students, such as grades and class schedules, without prior written consent of the student. If you would like to restrict release of your information or release information previously withheld please review the FERPA no Release guide on this page.
  • Discontinued Students

    Students who do not enroll in any courses for two consecutive (Fall and Spring) semesters will be discontinued. Students who do not enroll in courses in the semester they are admitted will also be discontinued. Discontinued students are not eligible to enroll in courses until they submit an application for admission.


  • Enrollment Verification

    Proof of enrollment may be required by health insurance providers, auto insurance, educational loan deferment, etc. UNLV contracts with a third party to provide you enrollment proof in an easy-to-obtain format. Verifications for each semester are not available until the end of the add/drop period for that semester. Visit our Enrollment Verification page to learn more and log in to the system.
  • Enrollment After Late-Registration Period

    Adding or switching classes after the late-registration period is allowed primarily to adjust for extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. After the late-registration period is over, changes may be made only when the university deems the circumstances sufficiently extraordinary to warrant an exception.
  • Event Request Form

    Faculty and Staff reserving general purpose classroom for departmental uses (IE: departmental meetings, seminars, or special class speaker events) should complete the Event Request Form. The Office of the Registrar no longer schedules Student Organization events. All Student Organizations need to schedule events through the Student Union.


  • FERPA — Authorization to Release Confidential Information (FERPA Authorization Form)

    If you would like to give your parent, spouse, or other individual access to your academic record, you must add a 3rd party release in the Personal Information section of your Rebel Student Homepage. Detailed instructions for adding, editing, and removing FERPA 3rd part releases can be found on the Guides and Tutorials page. For more information about FERPA and student education records please visit the FERPA page.
  • FERPA - Students Request to Inspect

    A current or former student must make their request to access their education records in writing or by filling out the appropriate university Student Request to Inspect Records form located on the university registrar website.
  • Full Class Permission

    To enroll in a full class, you must obtain permission from the department listed (specific to each college). This permission will also override a waitlist allowing the student with the permission to skip ahead of waitlisted students (if any). The department will assign permission in the system and you will log in to MyUNLV and enroll yourself from the Enrollment Tile in your Rebel Student Homepage.


  • Gender

    See "Request to Change Personal Identification Data Form".
  • Grade Change Appeal (Grade Grievance)

    After final grades have been filed with the Office of the Registrar, a grade in an undergraduate course may be changed only by the course instructor or by the Faculty Senate Academic Standards Committee. Therefore, grade appeals must be directed first to the instructor. If the request remains unresolved at this level, the student may file a Grade Grievance Form. This form must be received by Faculty Senate Office by the end of the second week of instruction of the semester following the semester in which the grade was given. For graduate courses, a grade may be changed only by the course instructor or by the Graduate College through an appeal. Appeal forms may be access via the Grad Rebel Gateway
  • Grade Change Form

    The Grade Change Form is for instructors to change a student's grade or remove an incomplete grade. Instructors must be signed into their UNLV Gmail accounts to access the form. Completed forms will only be accepted via email from UNLV employee email addresses.
  • Graduation Initiation (Application)

    Once an undergraduate student completes a minimum of 90 credits they may start the graduation process. This begins with a visit to the academic advisor to learn the graduation process for the particular major. Students should apply for graduation in the term they anticipate completing the academic requirements. The graduation application is in the Academic Progress tile in the Rebel Student Homepage. Graduate students should work with the graduate coordinator, committee chair, or advisor for your graduation timeline. Applying for graduation does not guarantee conferral of a degree; all degree and university requirements must be satisfied. Please consult the Academic Calendar (undergraduate students) or the Graduate Student Calendar (graduate students) for all graduation deadlines. See Commencement for information on walking before/after your degree requirements will be completed.
  • General Petition Form

    This form can be used by undergraduates to appeal the acceptance of transfer credits, College/Departmental requirements, General Education requirements and all general University requirements. The General Petition Form is to be submitted directly to the Faculty Senate Office in FDH-220.
  • Graduate Student Appeal Form

    Graduate academic appeals are used to request reconsideration or a remedy from an alleged unfair or inappropriate academic practice, or relief or waiver from a UNLV and/or Graduate College policy or requirement. Appeals must be filed via the Grad Rebel Gateway within 60 calendar days from the last day of the term/semester in which the issue being appealed arose.


  • Immunizations

    Nevada Administrative Code (441A.755) requires that all students, who attend courses on campus, must provide documentation of having received the following immunizations unless excused by religious belief or medical condition via The State Board of Health Vaccine Exemption Forms.
  • International Transfer Credit Evaluation

    Advising staff may request consideration of international credit on behalf of a student by submitting the International Transfer Course Evaluation form.


  • Late Enrollment

    Once the Add/Drop period has ended students must obtain permission from the department for late enrollment. This permission is entered into MyUNLV and will allow the student to enroll late. For information on swapping during late enrollment see “swapping”


  • Name

    See "Request to Change Personal Identification Data Form".
  • Native American Fee Waiver

  • The Nevada Board of Regents provides a waiver of certain fees related to registration to a Native American student who is a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe or nation, all or part of which is located within the boundaries of Nevada, or who is certified by the enrollment department of such tribe or nation or by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as being a descendant of an enrolled member of such tribe or nation, all or part of which is located within the boundaries of Nevada, regardless of member status.
  • Native American Fee Waiver Residency Affidavit

  • To be eligible for the NSHE Native American Fee Waiver a student must be a resident of Nevada for no less than one year (NRS 396). This certification is used to support a claim that you have resided in Nevada for no less than one year prior to applying for the NSHE Native American Fee Waiver. The definition of “resident” is found in NRS 10.155. This certification will be accepted as a form of evidence for residency status for purposes of this waiver
  • Nondegree-Seeking Student Enrollment Form

    Students may enroll in courses at UNLV without being officially accepted into a degree-granting program. They should apply through Undergraduate Admissions to take undergraduate classes, and the Grad Rebel Gateway to take graduate classes. Students may take a maximum of eight credits per semester undergraduate/12 credits graduate. Although there is no limit to the total number of credits you may earn as a nondegree student, no more than 24 credits may be applied toward a bachelor's degree/15 for a graduate degree upon admission.
  • Notarized Documents

    If a school, company, organization is requesting a notarized copy of your diploma, official transcript, or proof of enrollment please follow the procedure in this document. Please note: this porcess is not required to make your documents official. You should only follow these steps if another organization is specifically asking for notarized copies of these documents.


  • Prerequisite Waiver

    Course Prerequisites are conditions that must be met before registering for a particular course. If you receive a prerequisite error when enrolling in a course and have satisfied it through another means or feel you should be exempt from the requirement, visit your academic advisor for a prerequisite waiver. This waiver is a permission entered in the MyUNLV system that will override the error and allow you to add the course.


  • Reinstatement After College Suspension

    If acceptable progress is not made in the program in which a student is enrolled, the college may place the student on college probation or college suspension. College and department rules govern these matters. A suspended student may petition appeal for reinstatement by contacting their academic advisor.
  • Reinstatement After University Suspension

    If the UNLV grade point balance of a student already warned by probation falls below -15, the university will suspend the student for a minimum of one calendar year. A suspended student may petition for early reinstatement by filling out the Reinstatement Form and submitting it to Faculty Senate. Students who are returning after the one year suspension will only be reinstated after meeting with their academic advisor.
  • Reinstatement after Probation/Separation (Graduate Students)

    For information on the Graduate College’s Probation/Separation policy please review them in the Graduate College Catalog.
  • Request to Change Personal Identification Data Form

    Changes or updates to your Name, SSN, DOB, or Gender may be submitted via this form with appropriate documentation. Please follow the instructions on the Change of Personal Information Form.
  • Request to Withhold/Release Directory Information

    You have the right to request that UNLV does not release directory information about you. In the MyUNLV system, go to Personal Information – Other Personal – Privacy Settings. For step by step instructions see the FERPA No Release guide. For more information about FERPA and student education records please visit the FERPA page
  • Returning Undergraduate Students

    If you have previously attended UNLV, review the returning student policy to determine your status and learn how to return to the University.
  • Residency Application

     If you have been classified as a nonresident for tuition purposes but have taken the proper steps to give up your previous domicile and gain Nevada residency, you may apply for reclassification. The residency page contains further information as well as a link to the application.
  • Resident Credit

    Resident Credit is any course that is satisfactorily completed at UNLV, except credit earned by special examination or online courses. However, online courses, credit by special examination or enrollment in another institution within the Nevada System of Higher Education does not constitute an interruption of Resident Credit. Students earning a baccalaureate degree must complete the last 30 UNLV semester credits in uninterrupted resident credit. A student who has earned a minimum of three-fourths of the total degree credits in resident instruction may earn a maximum of eight acceptable transfer credits during their senior year to apply toward the degree.


  • Scheduling Access

    Access to MyUNLV class scheduling tool is made available throughout the year for departments to build their class schedules. See the Academic & Events Scheduling page for more information, training details, and other requirements for security access to the system. When access to MyUNLV closes, all communication regarding the academic schedule should be sent directly to scheduling@unlv.edu.
  • Social Security Number

    See "Request to Change Personal Identification Data Form".

Study Abroad UNLV - Credit Courses

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas grants credit for courses taken through University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). Generally, with the approval of department chairpersons, courses taken via USAC will be articulated exactly to existing UNLV courses. However, as programs have evolved and more students have chosen to study abroad, it has grown difficult to find exact UNLV equivalencies for study abroad courses in all cases. Accordingly, this policy spells out a procedure by which the Office of International Programs, in conjunction with the Office of the Registrar, will seek to grant academic credit for study abroad. In developing this process, we seek to gain approval from appropriate academic units and also to streamline student enrollment, progression, and graduation processes.

More Information


Using the swap option to change your classes protects your enrollment. The system will not drop you from a class you are currently enrolled in unless it can successfully add you to your new class. Swaps can be done via self-service until the end of the Add/Drop period for each term. After that time, all swaps must be processed by the Office of the Registrar in order to offset the fees for each course. During Late Enrollment, the Office of the Registrar can only process requests for swapping classes that are in the same session and for the same or more credits. We are unable to offset fees for swapping from a regular session to a mid-semester (or modular) course or swapping into a course that is less credits than the one you are swapping out of. These swaps must be done via self-service and will result in a W and no refund of fees for the dropped class.

To request a late swap, follow the procedure for Late Enrollment (above) and then submit your request to the Office of the Registrar.


Transcript Requests

  • Unofficial transcripts may be obtained, free of charge, through MyUNLV. However, Official Transcripts are often required for application to other institutions or for obtaining a job. Official Transcripts have a fee of $10 plus applicable postage. For an Official Transcript complete the Online Transcript Request Form.


  • Withdrawal From Classes (Total)

    In order to withdraw from one or more classes you are registered for at UNLV, you must log into the Rebel Student Homepage in your MyUNLV account and navigate to the Enrollment tile. You will be subject to any academic calendar deadlines at the time of your drop. You may use the Academic Calendar Deadlines and Registration guides for more information.
  • Withdrawal From University (Total)

    Students who wish to withdraw from the University must withdraw from ALL classes prior to the last day to drop or withdraw for any given semester. Students who fail to properly drop or withdraw from classes are subject to failing grades. If another institution is requesting that you formally withdraw for Financial Aid purposes, the student should also contact the Office of the Registrar (SSC-C) to determine if the additional steps are needed. Please note the Withdraw from Undergraduate Admitted Status Form is not required for the Housing and Residential Life Application for Contract Release.