• UNLV Bowling Team
  • Group of Tae Kwon Do members posing
  • Esports team posing with confetti
  • Man flexing biceps
  • Members of the UNLV volleyball team posing

Sport Clubs

Enhance your collegiate experience. Participate. Educate. Compete.


The UNLV Sport Clubs Program provides students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to participate, educate, and compete in recreational activities as a means to enhance their collegiate experience and provide a vehicle for a well-rounded education through physical, social, and leadership development. While a club may not be NCAA affiliated, many travel and compete in regional & national competitions against other universities and colleges, as well as contend for their own respective national championships.

The Sport Clubs Program provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Develop a feeling of belonging and understanding among individuals and groups
  • Develop and maintain physical fitness
  • Practice and refine existing sports skills
  • Learn new sports skills
  • Develop leadership skills and capabilities
  • Develop knowledge and skills to participate in lifelong recreational activities
  • Develop organization and administrative skills including program planning, delegation of responsibility and authority, group dynamics, fundraising, financial management and public relations
  • Engage in structured intercollegiate competition

A sport club is a student-initiated and student-led organization whose members are actively involved in determining the objectives and procedures of their club within the guidelines established by UNLV.


UNLV Bowling team

President: Emi Leong
Email: leonge3@unlv.nevada.edu


UNLV Boxing team

President: Monse Rodriguez
Email: rodrim33@unlv.nevada.edu


Two men readying their stance

President: Drew O'Neill
Email: drew.oneill@unlv.edu


8-bit esports logo

President: Milo Ocampo
Email: ocampop3@unlv.nevada.edu

Rebel Ice Hockey

Hockey players walking to the ice rink

President: Eric Williams
Email: willie6@unlv.nevada.edu

Men's Lacrosse

A man wearing a UNLV jersey

President: Clay Shipley
Email: shiplc1@unlv.nevada.edu

Women's Lacrosse

A group photo of the UNLV's women lacrosse

President: London Thompson
Email: thompl5@unlv.nevada.edu


UNLV Rowing team

President: Scarlett Baughman
Email: baughs1@unlv.nevada.edu

Men's Rugby

A clutter of men in a rugby game

President: Immanuel Joseph
Email: josepi1@unlv.nevada.edu

Women'S Rugby

President: Michaela Massa


Taekwondo members at a display table

President: Jackie Velazquez
Email: velazj2@unlv.nevada.edu

Men's Volleyball

Two volleyball teams playing a game

President: Antonio Martinez
Email: martia64@unlv.nevada.edu

Form a Club

In order to form a sport club, interested students must first apply to be a registered organization with the UNLV Division of Student Affairs Student Involvement & Activities. After one year as a registered student organization, the group may apply to be recognized as a Sport Club and report to Campus Recreational Services located in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Once formally established as a sport club, the club can travel to compete as UNLV and host events on campus.


Timothy Toepfer
Program Coordinator for Sport Clubs & Youth Camps