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Join a Registered Student Organization

Joining a registered student organization at UNLV can redefine the college experience.

UNLV has more than 350 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that encompass a variety of different interests, activities, and beliefs. RSOs range from social action organizations to socially based organizations, and from religious-based clubs to sport clubs. Whatever your interest, UNLV has the organization to match. You can even start your own! When you join an organization, you're on your way to meeting new people, making memories, building your resume, and leaving your mark on UNLV. Get INvolved today!

Contact Information

Student Organization Resource Center (SORCE)

Student Union, Room 305

Student Involvement & Activities Front Desk

Student Union, Room 316

Assistant Director for Involvement

Student Involvement & Activities
Marni Dow
Student Union, Room 316