• People playing soccer
  • Two men diving for a volleyball in mud

Intramural Sports

Get into your game and share your passion for sports and recreational activities with people who feel the same enthusiasm.

About: The UNLV Intramural Sports Program provides UNLV students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of organized, competitive activities throughout each academic year. Activities are organized on both a team and individual basis with opportunities to compete against likeminded teams/participants within specialty conferences (Ex. Men’s Residence Hall or Women’s Greek Conferences).

Important: For all Intramural Sports events, the program assumes absolutely no responsibility for injuries related to participation. It is the individual’s responsibility to ascertain whether their health may be adversely affected by participating in any physical activity. All participants are recommended to obtain personal health insurance. 

Group of people playing Squash

Individual Sports

Often scheduled over shorter period of time (a couple days rather than weeks) set up in round robin format with a knockout tournament at the conclusion, challenge and compete against peers in events. Events are held both fall and spring semesters. Learn more about each sport/event. Not all sports are offered every semester/year.

  • Play & Report Racquetball
  • Badminton
  • Billiards
  • Xbox Tournaments
  • Pick 'Em Challenge
Group photo of a soccer team

Team Sports

These may be offered more than once per academic year if interest and participation is high. They are often scheduled over a period of weeks with leagues set up in round robin format with a knockout tournament at the conclusion. Events are held both fall and spring semesters.

  • Flag Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Speedball
  • Dodgeball
Group of people playing oozeball

Annual Events

Annual events are usually larger, one-time events where the participation and spectators would be interested in staying around for the duration of the event. This may also include a new event that may be only offered upon request. These are held on and off campus and include both local and regional competition.

  • Oozeball
  • NCS Flag Football
  • NCS Basketball
  • World Cup Soccer
A golden trophy resembling a large goblet.

Rebel Cup

The UNLV Campus Cup — otherwise known as the Rebel Cup — is the year long points competition for the UNLV campus to gauge which groups of students are the most successful across the complete Intramural Sports calendar in each sub-league (Open or Greek). Each sport is scored separately, and organizations/groups wishing to enter multiple teams have the ability to earn points for all teams entered in all leagues...

IM Calendar

Each sport is separated into at least one of four league types: Men’s (M), Women’s (W), Co-Rec (CR), and/or Open (O).

All league offerings will have a mandatory Captain's Meeting. This meeting will be held in the SRWC Wet Classroom and is required in addition to the registration process on IMLeagues. Any teams not represented at the Captain's Meeting by a team member will result in a reduction to a team’s sportsmanship score unless prior accommodations have been made.