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Intramural Sports

Get into your game and share your passion for sports and recreational activities with people who feel the same enthusiasm.

How to Start or Join a Team

  1. Go to IMLeagues UNLV page and click “Create Account”
  2. Enter your information using your UNLV School email (@UNLV.edu, @UNLV.Nevada.edu).
  3. You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.
  4. You should be automatically joined to your school – If not you can search schools by clicking the “Schools” link.

  1. Make sure you are registered for at least one class/course at UNLV. Non-UNLV NSHE Students will need to email srwc.intramruals@unlv.edu to register.
  2. Head to IMLeagues UNLV and click on the Sport and League you would like to play in.
  3. Select "Create a Team" under the Division you are able to play in. Pass the quiz. Choose your team details.
  4. Select to pay for the Spring Single Sport Package or the Spring All-Access Pass.
    • The All-Access Pass allows you to play in all Intramural Sports leagues for the semester.
  5. You are now signed up for that sport. Invite your team members with the options on your team page. Keep an eye out for a Captain's email with information about the upcoming season, and make sure your team members all bring their Rebel ID to every game to check in.

Have questions? Call: 702-774-7128 or Email: srwc.intramurals@unlv.edu

Participants in Campus Recreation's Intramural Sports will have two pricing options to choose from to register for all sports.

UNLV/NSHE Student Individual Cost $15 Per League (Each Semester) $25 All Leagues (Semester All-Access Pass)


For all Intramural Sports events, the program assumes absolutely no responsibility for injuries related to participation. It is the individual’s responsibility to ascertain whether their health may be adversely affected by participating in any physical activity. All participants are recommended to obtain personal health insurance.


All teams in an Intramural Sports League will be entitled to one cancellation (referred to as a default) per regular season. A cancellation will come with no penalty to the team, although the team may end up playing less games than other teams in the league depending on scheduling availability.

Two (2) forfeits will result in automatic removal of the team from the specific Intramural League in question.

A cancellation is defined as a team representative contacting Intramural Sports Professional Staff that they will be unable to make a scheduled game with at least a 24-hour notice.

A team representative contacting Intramural Sports Professional Staff with less than 24 hours business notice that their team will not be able to make a scheduled game. This will be referred to as a "standard forfeit".

A team forfeit will result in a "no score" Sporting Conduct Rating.

There is no official grace period or games will start at published game time, as determined a the contest location by the Intramural Sports Staff. If a team fails to appear at the scheduled game time, the Intramural Sports Supervisor on duty will call a forfeit due to team absence. A double forfeit will be declared if neither team is present at game time. Game forfeits will be scored according to each sport's forfeit rules.

Partial attendance by either or both teams at game time will designate the start the "Delay Time" procedure, as outlined in each sport's rules.

Any team caught using ineligible players will forfeit all games in which that person participated and may lose eligibility for playoffs.

If, in the opinion of the Intramural Sports Staff, a team is not playing the game within the spirit of the rules or fair play, the game may be stopped and a forfeit declared against one or both teams.

If a team drops below the minimum participant requirement during a game due to participant misconduct or personal fouls, play will be stopped and the contest result will be recorded as a forfeit. If a team drops below the required number due to injury, the game will continue based on the Supervisor’s discretion.

Ex: a team winning a basketball game by 20 with 2 minutes left has member sit out due to an injury sustained in the game. The game will be allowed to continue due to the team still having a chance to win.

  1. Through the course of a season, a team will be rated during each game and given a Sporting Conduct Score for each game – subsequently adjusting the team’s Sporting Conduct Average (SCA). Teams will not inherit an SCA from any previous season or year.
    1. For every game played, Intramural Sports Supervisors and Officials will evaluate each team’s sporting conduct. This includes, but is not limited to- arriving to the game site on time, cooperating with officials, acts of fighting and/or verbal harassment, or any other infractions regarding the rules of fair play.
    2. Each team will be given a whole number sports rating of 1-5 after each game with 5 being the best sporting conduct score.
    3. Each team is responsible for checking and signing for their sporting conduct rating after each game. Failure to sign the sporting conduct rating infraction form forfeits the right to appeal any deduction for that game. Appeals must be made in writing to the Intramural Sports Staff within 48 hours of the contest in question (Note: the administration reserves the right to increase or decrease a penalty at their discretion).
    4. If a team attains a Sporting conduct score of 1 during any one game, the team’s Captain must meet with the Intramural Sports Staff prior to their next contest or face expulsion from the league.
    5. Each sport will have a minimum SCA of 3 required to be considered playoff eligible. Any team that falls below that average will not be eligible for the playoffs – regardless of the team’s league standing.
    6. Sporting Conduct Averages will carry over into any tournament play. A team must maintain a 3 SRA during the tournament to remain eligible. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.
    7. The intramural department reserves the right to make an executive decision on a team’s playoff eligibility.

Each sport is separated into at least one of four league types: Men’s (M), Women’s (W), Co-Rec (CR), and/or Open (O).

All league offerings will have a mandatory Captain's Meeting. Captains are the main point of contact for their respective teams and may be contacted by the Intramural Sports Staff throughout a season with important information regarding schedules, rules, or updates.

Team Sports

These may be offered more than once per academic year if interest and participation is high. They are often scheduled over a period of weeks with leagues set up in round robin format with a knockout tournament at the conclusion. Events are held both fall and spring semesters.

  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Outdoor Soccer
  • Dodgeball
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Zachary Wallace
Program Coordinator for Intramural Sports

Michaela Richman
Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs