Staff Directory

Erin Farrar

Executive Director of Campus Recreational Services and SRWC Facilities

Erin Farrar
Phone: 702-774-7124

LaToya Burdiss

Associate Director for Recreation Programs: Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs and Fitness

Phone: 702-774-7121

Brandon Deroshia

Associate Director for Facilities

Brandon Deroshia
Phone: 702-774-7122

Mike Conley

Associate Director for Recreation Programs: Outdoors and Aquatics

Mike Conley
Phone: 702-774-7123

David Knowles

Program Coordinator for Publicity and Graphic Design

David Knowles Headshot
Phone: 702-774-7138

John McElrath

Program Coordinator for Fitness

John McElrath Headshot
Phone: 702-774-7126

Nataly Arellano Rodriguez

Graduate Assistant for Group Fitness

Nataly Arellano Headshot
Phone: 702-774-7132

Sarah Repman

Program Coordinator for Group Fitness

Sarah Repman
Phone: 702-774-7131

Brigette Sohn

Program Coordinator for Memberships & Front Desk Operations

Brigette Sohn
Phone: 702-774-7103

Kai Amaral

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 702-774-7111

Facundo Bentancourt

Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs
U.N.L.V. sign placeholder
Phone: 702-774-7116

Mike Bricker

Program Coordinator for Facilities and Events

Mike Bricker Headshot
Phone: 702-774-7133

Christian Silva

Graduate Assistant for Fitness

U.N.L.V. sign placeholder
Phone: 702-774-7127

Timothy (TJ) Toepfer

Program Coordinator for Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, & Youth Camps
Timothy Toepfer
Phone: 702-774-7114

Samantha Steel

Program Coordinator for Aquatics

Samantha Steel headshot
Phone: 702-774-7113

Nicole Feno

Graduate Assistant for Aquatics

Nicole Feno Headshot
Phone: 702-774-7112

Hannah Doss

Program Coordinator for Outdoor Adventures

Hannah Doss
Phone: 702-774-7125

Francine Summerville

Graduate Assistant for Outdoor Adventures

Frances Summerville headshot
Phone: 702-774-7009

William Mattos

Custodial Supervisor - Swing

U.N.L.V. sign placeholder
Phone: 702-774-7115

Dwayne Jackson

Custodial Supervisor - Daytime

U.N.L.V. sign placeholder
Phone: 702-774-7115

Jose Guerra

Custodial Supervisor - Overnight

U.N.L.V. sign placeholder
Phone: 702-774-7115