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The Academic Advising Unit in the Academic Success Center (ASC) is the home for Exploring Majors, undergraduate non-degree seeking students, prospective students, and other student populations. Our team of academic advisors is committed to helping you along the journey of earning your degree! Our advising unit will help you:

When to Visit an Advisor

All exploring students are required to meet with an academic advisor at least once a year. Ideally, students should meet with an advisor before registration each semester to address individual issues.

Students on academic probation and/or suspension must meet with an academic advisor for an individual appointment before scheduling a class.


The UNLV Academic Success Center advising unit strives to be recognized nationally for its student success model of academic advising. The unit will employ academic and developmental advising best practices that positively impact the lives of students at the institution.


Our mission is to provide a nurturing learning environment that helps students persist and graduate with four-year degrees. The advising unit partners with students exploring majors, undergraduate non-degree-seeking students, adult learners, and returning students to identify and chart an academic course for success. The services employed by the advising unit are holistic and developmental, addressing the assessed and expressed educational needs of each student.


The Academic Success Center adheres to a learning-centered developmental philosophy of advising. Research has shown that the learning-centered approach may constitute a better combination of methodology for students who do not have clear-cut goals or who have many interests. The learning-centered approach likens advising to teaching, whereby the advisor plays a role with respect to a student's entire curriculum that is similar to the role that the teacher plays with respect to the content of a single course. The advisor helps the student understand curriculum, choose foundational general education classes, and explore subject areas of interest or growth. Thus, the advisor’s instruction in the logic of the curriculum elevates the advisor's work to a central role in enhancing a student's education (Lowenstein, 2005).

Contact Information

Mailing Address

ASC Advising
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mail Stop: 2001
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154


Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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Schedule an appointment at Rebel Success Hub.

Drop-in advising is available Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:30pm (call for availability).

Advising Staff

Salvador Mora

Director of Academic Advising
Phone: 702-895-2025

Tiffany Schmier

Associate Director of Academic Advising and Retention, Progression, and Completion
Phone: 702-774-4616

Jennifer Czajkowski

Senior Academic Advisor, First Year Programs
Phone: 702-895-5640

Jacquee deJesus

Senior Academic Advisor
Phone: 702-774-4610

Erik Block

Academic Advisor
Phone: 702-774-4614

Ismaray Fernandez

Academic Advisor
Phone: 702-895-0007

Jason Blankenship

Academic Advisor
Phone: 702-895-1168

Scott Hinkle

Academic Advisor
Phone: 702-895-0644

Cassandra Davidson-Bryant

Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 702-895-0667