Supplemental Instruction

The UNLV Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program is a free, peer-led study group that partners with historically difficult courses and provides an interactive environment to assist students with course concepts and discuss learning strategies. Each group is conducted by an SI Leader who has recently completed the course with a grade of “B” or better and is recommended by partnering academic faculty.

Supplemental Instruction (Summer and Fall 2020)

The physical tutoring session locations are inactive until further notice. Please continue to check back on this page for revisions to this policy or updates as they become available.

The ASC Supplemental Instruction (SI) program will continue operations using a fully online-delivery model to support UNLV students. In lieu of meeting students on the physical UNLV campus, SI Leaders will facilitate virtual SI sessions and office hours for students using the Webex online platform. The virtual locations will operate as extensions of the UNLV campus, with same rules and student code of conduct as our physical locations, and will maintain the same schedule as posted at the beginning of the semester (see announcements).

Students will be able to access the virtual SI sessions and office hours by visiting UNLV Webex and entering the corresponding meeting ID number assigned to their course and section. Assigned Meeting ID numbers for SI will be listed in the announcements section of this page along with additional guides.

Similar to our physical locations, SI Leaders will prompt students for their NSHE number prior to remaining in the virtual SI session; and SI Leaders will facilitate planned collaborative activities in sequence with course material.

If you have any questions regarding access to the virtual SI locations, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Email addresses for SI Leaders will also be listed in the announcements section.

Supplemental Instruction

How to Access Virtual SI Tutorial

Supplemental Instruction Announcements

Instructional Video

Each semester, UNLV undergraduates enrolled in historically difficult courses meet in free, peer-assisted study sessions known as Supplemental Instruction (SI). Hear directly from the students, SI Leaders and faculty coordinator on how SI provides guided reviews of subject concepts and learning strategies through collaborative group environments. This is Supplemental Instruction.


In a partnered course, regular SI attendance by students (at least once a week) has been correlated to increased rates of performance and retention when compared to non-regular SI participants. For instance, in the Fall 2013 semester, 75 percent of all regular SI attendees received a passing grade of at least a C or higher in their partnered course.

Regular attendance of SI sessions provides students a number of opportunities including:

  • Dedicated time to immediately review material covered in class with a knowledgeable SI Leader
  • A chance to reinforce course topics and work through difficult concepts with peers
  • Occasions to form study groups that can continue throughout the semester

Location and Hours, Student Responsibilities

All available SI Sessions for the semester, including times and locations, are listed in the announcements section of this website. An SI Leader will also make a class announcement at the beginning of the semester to those partnering courses where SI is available.

Students registered in a partnered course are not required to attend the SI Session as student participation is voluntary.

However, students attending SI:

  • Must be enrolled in the specific course and section number for which the SI Session is offered
  • Must have a current UNLV ID

SI attendees are encouraged to bring their textbook, notes, and prepared questions to the session to get the most out of the experience. SI Leaders hold separate office hours for brief one-on-one questions in addition to the weekly SI sessions.

The ASC also offers drop-in tutoring at no additional charge on the second floor of Lied Library for students unable to attend SI sessions.

SI session times, locations and availability are subject to change.

To Our Faculty, General Responsibilities

The SI Program’s mission to partner with historically difficult courses and provide this service to our students would not be possible without the support of our UNLV Faculty.

Those Faculty who partner with SI over the semester:

  • Grant SI Leaders WebCampus access to their courses (if Webcampus is used)
  • Ensure the SI Leaders have access to copies of course textbooks
  • Communicate with SI Leaders and other SI staff as necessary
  • Notify SI staff of any sudden schedule changes
  • Complete an Evaluation Survey of their assigned SI Leader after mid-semester
  • Help market SI Sessions to their students

If you are a UNLV Faculty Member that believes SI would be a good fit for their course, we encourage you to contact us at Prior scheduling for SI sessions typically begins when the course offerings are published.

Join Our Team!

Applications are accepted throughout the school year. We are currently seeking individuals with strong interpersonal communication skills; willing to assist a diverse group of students enrolled in historically difficult, lower-division college courses. Please note that there might be some tutor application/hiring delays at this time.

Eligible SI leaders have completed the prospective SI course(s) for which they wish to conduct sessions with a grade of “B” or better, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and have received a faculty recommendation. All prospective SI leaders must complete and submit the online application form along with a faculty recommendation to the Academic Success Center (ASC) to be considered.

We employ UNLV students who are passionate about student learning and desire to work in an environment that will help them develop knowledge in collaborative learning, public speaking and leadership skills. SI Leaders will work with students, fellow SI Leaders, faculty and other SI staff over the semester as well as serve as ambassadors of the ASC by attending assigned courses regularly as model students.

Volunteer Opportunities are also available to qualified applicants who wish to be involved in Supplemental Instruction with limited time availability.


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