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Bridge Programs

Bridge Programs

The Academic Success Center offers two bridge programs to help students succeed and transition to UNLV: Math Bridge and First-Gen Connect.

Math Bridge

The Math Bridge Program is an online program designed to help students gain the skills and confidence needed for success in college-level mathematics with a goal of improving their placement scores, using ALEKS. The program combines online learning through customized modules with instruction from expert math instructors and peer tutors to help students gain a better understanding of core math concepts and overcome anxiety about math. In addition to math instruction and skill development, students are introduced to various campus resources and peers to help build a strong foundation for success at UNLV. Our Math Bridge team works to help students develop a growth mindset and reach their goals as they navigate through a five week program. Currently, all Math Bridge sessions are conducted during summer sessions for eligible students.

First-Gen Connect

First-Gen Connect is an annual free program for first-generation college students (students whose parents do not have a four-year college degree). The program helps first-generation college students’ transition into UNLV by discussing potential barriers to success and equipping students with the knowledge and resources necessary for a successful first-year and beyond while at UNLV.

MATH 5 Course (Fall Math Bridge)

The MATH 5 0-credit course is dedicated to helping Exploring and Major pathways students who did not enroll in a math class for Fall 2023 maintain their math understanding. The course is designed for students who wish to continue practicing their math skills and increase their preparation for when they do register to take their math class in Spring 2024. Students undergo 16 weeks of developing confidence and skills in math, progressing through customized learning modules, and receiving tutoring from skilled facilitators. The course simulates components of a math class to create a space for students to learn and thrive among peers.

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