Jacquee deJesus

Jacquee deJesus

Senior Academic Advisor

Academic Success Center


Jacquee is a two-time graduate of UNLV. She completed her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies (linguistic studies) with a minor in anthropology in 2009 while coincidentally developing a fondness for the college and campus environment. This fondness led Jacquee to apply to graduate school and she earned her master’s degree in educational leadership (higher education leadership) in 2011. She’s also worked in a variety of positions across campus as a student employee, graduate assistant, and full-time staff member.

Jacquee is delighted to work with the students of UNLV as they explore majors, careers, and everything the campus has to offer.

Advising Philosophy Statement

I envision a campus in which students, faculty, and staff succeed in their academic & professional goals, have access to the tools & resources to do so, and proceed to make a difference in the community. Inspired by this vision, I operate with the intention to treat students & colleagues as people first, to be curious, and to keep learning. We are all living, breathing, whole human beings with dreams, goals, and responsibilities both on and off campus. I seek to build a relationship by starting where they are and, just like water, flowing with the conversation. Adjusting approaches based on their needs, guiding where necessary, and encouraging the use of resources. I aim to help them fit various puzzle pieces together when they can’t see the whole picture. Like an iceberg, there’s more below the surface, so I focus on starting with questions and inviting them to share more. I consider where I can be of service, what I personally can contribute or introduce a tool or individual that could be helpful. I strive to ground my contributions in practicality. I can better serve others by seeking out new resources and opportunities for growth then sharing the takeaways with others. Like a splash, I believe impact ripples out from me, to those around me, and expands beyond.