First-Year Seminars

COLA 100E: First-Year Seminar for Exploring Majors

Based on the five University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes and research on human learning and student development, COLA 100E is designed to assist you as first-year exploring majors in your academic and personal transition to university life as well as to provide a foundation for success throughout your college career. You will:

  • Develop an appreciation of lifelong learning through an understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as an undergraduate, including critical-thinking skills, effective written and oral communication skills, information literacy, and research skills.
  • Learn personalized academic success strategies as well as strategies for discovering an academic discipline/career compatible with your unique interests, abilities, personality, and values.
  • Gain an awareness of your role within your respective community and greater society, including ethical decision making, service, leadership, and cultural competency.

Your academic and personal development and connections with faculty and peers are supported and encouraged through small class sizes, an active classroom environment, and in-class peer mentors.

COLA 100E is offered through a partnership between the Academic Success Center and the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) and is designed to help you explore (E) possible majors and careers.

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COLA 100E: First-Year Seminar for Exploring Majors is offered in the fall, spring, and summer and is part of the required general education curriculum. Visit MyUNLV to register.


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