About the COM Lab

The UNLV COM Lab is a new cooperative project created by experienced faculty from the Department of Communication Studies and the Academic Success Center. Our coaches are graduate students seeking M.A. degrees in communication who teach or have taught COM 101: Oral Communication courses.

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At the UNLV COM Lab, we aim to support students in cultivating their communication skills to create and deliver any public speech or presentation. No matter your discipline or the occasion for your speech, we can guide you on building your outline, refining your speech content, and practicing effective speaking strategies. With our collaborative approach, we are available to assist students of all experience levels at any stage in their speech development process.

Contact us at comlab@unlv.edu if you have any questions.


What to Bring to Your Appointment


  • A copy of the assignment/directions for the speech or presentation that you need help with.
  • If you do not bring the assignment directions for classes outside COM 101 or do not bring the materials you need to do your speech, we will have to reschedule.

Optional, but Helpful

  • A copy of the grading rubric for the speech/presentation.
  • Your outline, notes, visual aids, and any other materials you’re using for the speech/presentation.
  • Relevant instructor feedback or comments from previously graded speeches or other presentations.


View the hours by appointment below.

Try Our New Sound-Isolating Whisper Rooms

Our sound isolation rooms from WhisperRoom, Inc.™ provide a convenient workspace with a significant reduction in ambient and acoustic noise. With their 5' x 7' dimensions, students can use this space to practice delivering speeches and presentations and even record without concern for distraction. Visit their website for more information

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