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Tutoring Announcements


The Tutoring program provides structured study time with peers, reviews of subject material and learning strategies to gain a deeper understanding of supported course content.

ASC tutors at these locations are current UNLV students who have completed the supported courses with a grade of “B” or better, and are recommended by partnering academic faculty.

Instructional Video

As a part of our commitment to the campus community, this video briefly highlights the educational philosophy of the ASC Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction programs and their role in the successful college experience for UNLV students.

Locations and Hours, Student Responsibilities

ASC Tutoring can be found at our two primary locations: LLB Tutoring Lab located on the second floor of Lied Library, and the Engineering Tutoring Lab located in TBE A207. However, a complete listing of all available ASC Tutoring locations through our campus partnerships, including times and subject availability, are listed in the announcements section of this website.

Students utilizing an ASC Tutoring Lab:

  • Must be enrolled and actively attending the UNLV course supported by the tutoring lab
  • Must have a current UNLV ID

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) support UNLV students through guided assistance identifying and closing gaps in course content knowledge. To get the most out of the experience while utilizing an ASC Tutoring Lab, students should expect that:

  • Tutoring Labs are centers for users to be actively engaged in course material
  • There will be encouragement to discuss the content from class and to ask questions
  • They will be grouped together to discuss and review content with peers
  • Continued study outside of Tutoring and SI in study groups is encouraged

Students are also strongly encouraged to bring their textbook, notes, and prepared questions to the drop-in tutoring lab.

To Our Faculty and Campus Partners

The Tutoring Program’s mission to offer content-learning support to students enrolled in historically difficult courses would not be possible without the support of our UNLV Faculty and Campus Partners.

Each semester we review opportunities to expand ASC tutoring into subjects and locations to reach new UNLV students on campus. If you are a UNLV Faculty Member that would like to discuss an opportunity to partner with the ASC Tutoring Program, we encourage you to contact us at tutoring@unlv.edu.

Join Our Team!

Applications are accepted throughout the school year. We are currently seeking individuals with strong interpersonal communication skills; willing to assist a diverse group of students enrolled in historically difficult, lower-division college courses.

Eligible Tutors have completed the prospective course(s) they wish to support in tutoring with a grade of “B” or better, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and received a faculty recommendation. All prospective tutors must complete and submit the online application form along with a faculty recommendation to the Academic Success Center (ASC) to be considered.

We employ UNLV students who are passionate about student learning and desire to work in an environment that will help them develop knowledge in collaborative learning, public speaking and leadership skills.

Tutors will work with students, fellow peer leaders, faculty and other ASC staff members over the semester.

Volunteer opportunities are also available to qualified applicants who wish to be involved in Tutoring with limited time availability.