A man with glasses smiling.

Scott Hinkle

Academic Advisor

Academic Success Center


Scott Hinkle received his B.A. in English and his MFA in creative writing at UNLV. Prior to becoming an advisor, he taught English for two years in a small town near Mount Fuji, Japan. Before that, he worked as a writing consultant and as an English composition instructor at UNLV. He loves exploring new cities whenever he gets the opportunity, but his spare time is usually spent reading books, watching movies, or trying out new restaurants with his wife and friends. Scott’s looking forward to discussing the many pathways a student might take towards their educational, career, and life goals.

Advising Philosophy Statement

As an advisor, I strive to be a knowledgeable and reliable resource to help students with their immediate concerns as well as their long term aspirations. I believe good advising is based on an understanding of the curriculum, being transparent about the requirements, rules, and regulations as they apply to each situation, and engaging in productive conversations to plan towards reachable goals. I endeavor to create an environment where students feel heard and supported, and so I try to be as accessible as possible. For me, this accessibility doesn’t just stop at my availability via email, phone, or office hours, but extends to my lived experience. I like to share stories, advice, or other knowledge I’ve picked up in my life, and I encourage students to share their stories as well. We may be “advisor” and “student,” among our other roles, but we are first and foremost human beings.