Incoming Students

About the College of Sciences

About the College of Sciences


Information about applying to UNLV can be found through the general academic advising webpage.

International students are encouraged to review the additional documents that are required through the Undergraduate Admissions webpage.

The College of Sciences requires a 2.5 cumulative GPA and placement in MATH 126 or higher in order to declare a major in the College of Sciences.

Note: College of Sciences requires incoming freshmen students to meet or exceed NSHE requirements into a college-level gateway course. Incoming freshmen students must place into MATH 126 in order to declare a major in the College of Sciences. Those students not meeting the minimum requirements will be placed in the Sciences Pathways program.

Students meeting all eligibility requirements can declare their major by meeting with an advisor. Please call the Advising Center front desk at 702-895-2077 to set up an appointment.

Why the college of sciences at UNLV?

  1. Hands on research experience
  2. Updated facilities and equipment
  3. Quality professors and supportive staff
  4. Scholarship and funding opportunities
  5. Ranked #33 in the US for advancing women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Sciences Pathways

Incoming students who do not meet the requirements to declare a major within the College of Sciences will be switched to an Exploring major under the Sciences Pathway program through the Academic Success Center. This program provides additional support from Academic Success Coaches, who will also assist students with planning their course schedule. Students will be able to switch to their desired College of Sciences major upon meeting the College of Sciences eligibility requirements.

New Student Orientation

All newly admitted students must receive advising before they can register for classes at UNLV. This ensures that students’ understand and enroll in the correct classes for their respective degree programs to stay on track for graduation.

Incoming freshmen are required to attend New Student Orientation (NSO) before they can register for classes. At the NSO, students will meet with College of Sciences academic advisors. Students will also:

  • Receive their class schedule.
  • Learn about college life.
  • Get to know their graduation requirements.
  • Receive academic advising.
  • Explore the resources at UNLV.
How to Register
  1. Login to MyUNLV and click on the "Register for Orientation" to sign up. Please note that the link is activated closer to summer, so if it is not available, come back periodically to register as soon as it is available.
  2. After completing the online registration process, a confirmation email will be sent, which will include program times, parking information, directions, and check-in information. The confirmation email verifies a student’s registration. Be sure to check spam and junk mail folders.
  3. Students who have not received confirmation after completing the online registration process should email with a request to resend the notice.
  4. Before attending NSO, students should be aware of their NSHE student ID number, passwords for MyUNLV, and have activated their RebelMail email account.
Additional Information

Placement Exams

To be placed in a College of Sciences major, students are required to have a minimum math placement score to be placed into MATH 126, Precalculus I. These scores are ACT: 23+, SAT: 550+, ALEKS: 61+, or DMS: 18+. Students who do not meet the minimum math placement score with be placed into the Academic Success Center’s Science Pathways program and will transition to their desired College of Sciences major once completed with MATH 126, Precalculus I.

Students who desire to test into MATH 126 prior to the beginning of the semester can take the ACT Residual or MATH Placement exam options listed below (some fees may be required). Students may also try to place into a higher level English, Chemistry, or Foreign Language course.

AP/IB Credit

Depending on the test taken and score received, students can receive credit for taking advanced placement tests. Students are recommended to contact their advisor for more information or review the undergraduate catalog.

Students are advised to submit their official AP/IB scores to the UNLV Office of Admissions via CollegeBoard as soon as possible to prevent processing delays.

CLEP Testing

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) helps students receive college credit for what they already know, for a fraction of the cost of a college course. CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program, available at more than 2,900 colleges and universities. CLEP exams allow students to place into the right classes so students can avoid repeating material and move into more advanced classes sooner. Please review the course catalog to determine the CLEP tests accepted at UNLV and the minimum scores needed.



All incoming students are required to submit their immunization records or a religious exemption form and medical exemption form prior their first semester at UNLV. Failure to provide proof of immunization(s) will result in an enrollment hold and an administrative drop from enrolled courses.Students who received their immunization(s) in Nevada may use a free, state database called WebIZ to find and print their record.

To complete this task, students may:

  • Email records directly to
  • Fax records to our office at 702-895-1118
  • Drop records off at the Office of the Registrar in Student Services Complex Building C (SSC-C) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Mail records to the:
    Office of the Registrar
    University of Nevada Las Vegas
    Box 4511029
    4505 S. Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89154-1029