Language Placement

The Department of World Languages and Cultures currently offers language courses in Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin and Spanish.

Chinese, French, German, and Italian

Students with two or more years of prior study should complete the free online placement exam. The exam may be taken only once per semester.

Greek and Latin

Students with two or more years of prior study should contact the departmental advisor for proper placement.


Students with two or more years of prior study should complete the in-person placement exam. The Japanese placement exam is a written exam with a one-hour time limit. All materials but a pencil will be provided.

During the fall and spring semesters (with the exception of finals week) and summer sessions II and II, the exam may be taken on a walk-in basis in the Language Resource Center. During finals weeks, winter break, and summer session I, please contact the Department of World Languages & Cultures to schedule an appointment.


All students who wish to enroll in a Spanish language course must take a placement exam prior to enrolling in a course in that language. Students with no prior study, as well as those who have no formal or informal exposure to a language will, understandably, place into the first level course and the exam streamlines that process. Once a student has completed the placement exam, the results will be reviewed within two to three business days. Once reviewed, students will receive an email to their RebelMail with further instructions.

The Spanish placement exam is free and is online. The exam may be taken only once per semester.


The fastest way to get the correct permission is to take the test honestly and to fill in all the information. If the information given is incomplete, or the score is inconsistent, you will receive an email directing you to a department advisor who will determine proper placement.

Heritage Spanish Speakers

Heritage Spanish speakers may not enroll in lower-division classes numbered 113, 114, 213, and 214 in that language. These students are encouraged to follow the chart for Spanish placement into 126, 226, or 227, and/or to consult with the department advisor in Spanish: Jorge Galindo. During the summer months, those students should contact the department office for an appointment with the summer advisor. Once students have determined their placement, they should contact the department office at for permission to enroll.

If students remain in a class for which, in the opinion of the course instructor, they are too advanced, they will be subject to administrative drop.

After Placement

After initial placement, language courses 113, 114, 213, and 214 for non-heritage speakers in all languages, or 126, 226, and 227 for heritage Spanish speakers must be taken in sequential order. Students may not enroll concurrently in any of these courses in the same language.