Arya Udry

Associate Professor of Geoscience
Expertise: Planetary Igneous Petrology, Martian Geology, Planetary Science, Meteorites


Geoscience professor Arya Udry is an expert on planetary igneous petrology, including Martian petrology.

Udry's research aims to better understand the general evolution of Mars through meteorite and rover data analyses. Under the support of UNLV and NASA, she has studied rocks measured at the Martian surface by rovers. Udry's research also expands to the asteroid belt, with investigation of enstatite-rich meteorites that are comparative to those found on the planet Mercury.


  • Ph.D.. University of Tennessee
  • M.S., University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  • B.S., University of Lausanne, Switzerland

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Arya Udry In The News

Le Nouvelliste
April 17, 2020
She is sparkling. Determined. Brilliant. Arya Udry is 32 years old. This native Valaisanne, whose mother lives in Hérémence and who grew up between Brittany and neighboring France, is now a professor of geology and planetology at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas. A dazzling journey for the one who, while crawling on the mountains of Valais, dreamed of being an astronaut. "To realize this dream, you had to either become a scientist or an airplane pilot."
Smithsonian Magazine
April 8, 2020
Despite their microscopic size and simplistic cells, bacteria are some of the hardiest life forms around. In recent years, scientists have uncovered these stalwart microbes in environments as extreme as the searing hot springs in Yellowstone National Park and the acidic, metal-rich waters that drain out of mines.
National Geographic
April 2, 2020
IN 2013, SCIENTISTS were stunned to find microbes thriving deep inside volcanic rocks beneath the seafloor off the Pacific Northwest, buried under more than 870 feet of sediment. The rocks were on the flank of the volcanic rift where they were born, and they were still young and hot enough to drive intense chemical reactions with the seawater, from which the microbes derived their energy.
The Nevada Independent
October 4, 2019
To go big, sometimes you have to start small.

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