Experts: College of Liberal Arts

An expert on Latinos and LGBT social movements and representation in the media.
An expert on Native American history.
An expert in clinical psychology, psychopathy, emotions and personality traits.
An expert in medical anthropology, health, disease, and maternal nutrition. 
An expert in folklore and popular culture.
An expert in urban culture and interactions, popular culture, religion and spirituality, and the Boston Red Sox.
An expert in gender, sexuality, sexual politics, prostitution, sex work and sex trafficking.
A historian of European culture from the age of Enlightenment through the present day.
A historian and curator of 20th century American culture, specializing in clothing, political fashion, and the use of fashion in the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
An expert on gender, sexuality, media, and popular culture.
An expert in memory, reading, and thinking processes.
An expert in the evolution of human nutrition, hunter-gatherer societies, and the division of labor between the sexes.