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President Joe Biden is out of the race for president. Vice President Kamala Harris is the presumptive candidate. And of course, the mudslinging has begun. Former President Donald Trump calls Harris a "fake candidate." Experts say there could be be legal challenges to the $250 million campaign war chest collected on behalf of Biden.

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Hey, you’ve got to hide your tapes away. For a time in the mid-2000s, The Mirage housed the most famous music catalog in history and hardly anyone knew. The Beatles’ master tapes were reportedly kept in tightly guarded vault backstage at Love Theater, during the early days of “Love” at the hotel. Word of the history of these tapes made the rounds as the show closed July 7, and the hotel itself shut down July 17. Cirque PR rep Ann Paladie has not verified the history of the tapes related to the production.

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The words, handwritten on signs, flashed passing cars. “WASHOE COUNTY ELECTION FRAUD CENTRAL” “WE DEMAND HAND RECOUNT NOW!!” Some drivers honked while others flipped middle fingers at the more than two dozen protesters outside the Washoe County Administration Complex the morning of July 9. The protesters were calling on commissioners in Nevada’s second largest and only swing county to refuse to certify the results of a recount of the June primary.

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This is a day that will be embedded in American history — when President Biden dropped out of the 2024 race for the White House. "No president has stepped out of the race this late. Lyndon Johnson and Harry Truman both did it fairly early in comparison.” Michael Green, Ph.D. — a professor and chair of UNLV’s history department — said a president giving up his shot at re-election this close to November is historically unusual. However, not having an established nominee at this point is not.


Ever hear the old adage that time flies when you’re having fun? A new study by a team of UNLV researchers suggests that there’s a lot of truth to the trope.


A recent rat-brain study offers insight into how the brain tells time, and its lead researcher believes the findings have practical applications for how we can cope with unpleasant things in life, or make the most of a good time.

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Time is relative, and not only in an astrophysical sense – we’re all familiar with that feeling that time drags when we’re bored and flies when we’re busy. New analysis of brain activity patterns shows how our brains track time, and some intriguing insights into how cells handle it.

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In a state known for its bright lights and never-ending entertainment options, Nevada’s political landscape is offering its own form of drama. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, Nevada Republicans find themselves navigating a complex and potentially confusing primary season.

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Scores of swimmers waded past a drowning woman as she clung to a pool railing because they had no idea she was in trouble, a psychologist believes. Leticia Gonzales Triplett, 58, died on the morning of February 4 in the North Decatur Las Vegas Athletic Club's swimming pool.

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Former President Donald Trump took the stage Thursday during the Republican National Convention, and for 26 minutes of his 92-minute-long speech, he spoke of uniting our deeply divided country. But while some pundits have argued his speech showed he is more subdued and humble in the wake of last week's failed assassination attempt against him, others aren't so sure he's changed at all. And some political scientists and experts on authoritarianism warn Trump could become even more radical after his near-death experience.

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Time flies when you're having fun. A new study from the University of Nevada (UNLV), Las Vegas, published in the journal Current Biology, explains what happens to our brains in these cases . Many people think that their  brains  are intrinsically synchronized with the artificial clocks we have on electronic devices , which mark the passage of time minute by minute.

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The political fallout continues Thursday following Joe Biden's COVID diagnosis which has led to more calls for him to step aside as the Democratic nominee for president.