Accomplishments: College of Liberal Arts

June 16, 2021
Paul W. Werth (History) has been invited for a month-long appointment in 2022 as visiting professor to the department of historical studies at the University of Turin in Italy, for participation in its Global History of Empires program.
June 14, 2021
Olivia Cheche (Political Science, Brookings Mountain West, The Lincy Institute) recently had a paper published in the Governance: The Political Science Journal at UNLV. Her paper, "Calls for Accountability: Redefining the Culture of Policing in Las Vegas" explores the culture of policing in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, specifically within the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, to examine the racial, social, and fiscal aspects between the years 2016 and 2020.
June 11, 2021
Mary Ludwig (History) presentated a paper at the annual conference of the Historians of the Twentieth Century United States.  Ludwig's paper "Shared Histories: Internment on Indigenous Lands" explored the relationship between Indigenous People and Japanese immigrants at internment camps placed on American Indian reservations in Arizona.
June 11, 2021
Michelle Elizabeth Tusan (History) published "The Woman of No Importance" as part of the Lausanne Project, an international group of scholars engaged in rewriting the history of the end of World War I. 
June 11, 2021
William Bauer (History) presentated a paper at the annual conference of the Historians of the Twentieth Century United States.  Bauer's paper, "Reclaiming Alcatraz: The Legacies and Contintuities of the Alcatraz Occupation, 1971-2021," explored the significance of the American Indian occupation of Alcatraz in light of more recent examples of Indigenous activism, such as the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline and #Landback. 
June 10, 2021
Kendra Gage (Interdisciplinary, Gender and Ethnic Studies) presented a paper at the Historians of the Twentieth Century United States annual conference entitled "Hell on the Streets: The 1992 Las Vegas Westside Riot," where she discussed the historical practices of discrimination, employment and educational disparities, and police brutality in the Historic Westside that led up to the Westside Riot of 1992.
June 9, 2021
Dave Beisecker (Philosophy) published a paper, "Bicycle Infrastructure in Las Vegas: a Thought Experiment," co-authored with Shane Epting of Missouri Tech in The Public Philosophy Journal.
June 8, 2021
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) published a co-authored op-ed, "Celebrity, Social Media and Disputes Over Taiwan's Sovereignty," in the E-International Relations. This article crawled and analyzed 15,000 #TaiwanIsACountry tweets which were trending after May 25 as a response to WWE wrestler John Cena's apology. The result shows that most of the tweets came from United States Twitter users, but a considerable proportion of the tweets were from many countries in the Milk Tea Alliance,...
June 8, 2021
James Hyman and doctoral student Lauren Crew (both Psychology), along with Herb Covington of Tufts University, write in Current Biology about the anterior cingulate cortex's role in mediating aggression. Violent behavior is the product of a diverse network of neural structures. A new study shows that the anterior cingulate cortex is important for helping to restrain overly aggressive acts, even within a fight, to ensure animals match their behavioral intensity with the challenge posed by their...
June 4, 2021
Amy Reed-Sandoval (Philosophy) received a $4,000 grant from the Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO) to support the development of a Philosophy for Children initiative for the Las Vegas K-12 school system. 
June 3, 2021
Simon Gottschalk (Sociology) recently published a chapter, “Click, Validate, Reply: Three Paradoxes of the Terminal Self" in the International Handbook of Symbolic Interactionism. He explains that our interactions require us to adjust our sensorimotor skills and perceptual aptitudes, our need for social recognition, and our emotional orientations, among others, to the digital logic. These adjustments, in turn, present us with paradoxes that we resolve by developing our terminal selves.  
June 3, 2021
Shane Kraus (Psychology) published five papers this spring. The first paper (The Role of Impaired Control in Screening Problematic Pornography Use: Evidence from Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Studies in a Large Help-seeking Male Sample) was published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. The second paper (The Influences of Religiousness/Spirituality on Mental and Physical Health in OEF/OIF/OND Military Veterans Varies by Gender and Race/Ethnicity) was published in Journal of Psychiatric...