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Las Vegas Review Journal

North Las Vegas and Reno continue to battle for a spot as the third most populated city in Nevada, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau data. North Las Vegas was once a bootlegging settlement, and Reno in the northern part of the state was once known as “cow county,” but both cities have changed their image and economy over time — and size in recent years.

France 24

Saudi Arabia said Sunday that more than 1,300 faithful died during the hajj pilgrimage which took place during intense heat. Dr. Steffen Lehmann, Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at UNLV and Director of the Urban Futures Lab, tells FRANCE24 that multiple solutions are needed to avoid such tragedies in the future.

Forskning & Framsteg

In the F&F article on inner speech, there was a list of five common types of inner experiences, according to psychology professor Russell T. Hurlburt: emotions, sensory sensations, inner speech, visual thinking, and unsymbolized thinking. I was surprised that music wasn't on the list. I imagine that a fairly large percentage of people can hear inner music in some form, not unlike how we experience inner speech.

Deseret News

As Utahns head to the polls Tuesday, they’re not the only Westerners facing a big decision. But while Utah has been a reliably red state for decades — a Democrat has not represented Utah in the Senate since the 1970s — other nearby Senate seats are up for grabs, making the West crucial in the battle over control of the Senate.

City Cast Las Vegas

With Clark County’s traffic fatalities on the rise (up 65% so far this year), Sheriff Kevin McMahill and traffic experts are putting forth a new solution: Red light cameras. These cameras are currently illegal in Nevada, largely on the grounds of protecting privacy and fighting “big brother.” Have we reached a tipping point? Today, co-host Dayvid Figler sits down with Erin Breen, director of UNLV's Road Equity Alliance Project, to talk about the privacy, safety, and equity issues these red light cameras raise — and if we really can make our deadly roads any safer.

New India Abroad

From a full-time MBBS doctor in India to a celebrated author and public health expert in American academia, Professor (Dr) Manoj Sharma's journey is remarkable. A distinguished graduate faculty member at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he was recently nominated by his students and received the prestigious Harry Reid Silver Slate Award 2024 for outstanding public health research.

Country & Town House

Move over Hot Girl Walk: in 2024 the trendiest way to stroll is backwards, according to TikTok. Backwards walking is all over the platform right now, and unlike some other wellness trends as of late (oatzempic, we’re looking at you), this one actually has legs. We all know walking is good for us, boosting cardiovascular fitness and improving bone health. But it turns out just by switching direction, you’ll reap a whole host of other health benefits – provided you’re happy to accept a few strange looks from your neighbours.


Teenagers have adopted new slang that finds its roots in a play-on-words of the past as much as it is a recent pop culture reference. “Fax, no printer” is another way of saying “Truth.” “When someone says ‘fax,’ they are essentially saying, ‘I agree with what you just said, and it’s so true that I would transmit it via fax without needing to print it out,’” according to a glossary published by