Dak Kopec

Professor, School of Architecture
Expertise: Architecture, Environmental psychology, Aging in place, Health design


Dak Kopec is an architectural psychologist. He is among course instructors for UNLV's Healthcare Interior Design master's program, which blends Architecture and Health Sciences disciplines to teach interior designers to create spaces (such as hospitals, schools, homes, and senior living communities) that cater to aging populations as well as a wide range of physical ailments (for example: visual impairment, mobility issues, and dementia).

Kopec has written five books pertaining to psychological and physical health and a person’s overall well being, has been invited internationally to discuss health and wellbeing within the designed environment, and invited to serve diverse government appointed positions. His interests are in social justice through environmental design and person-centered design for specific health-related conditions. 


  • B.S., Health Sciences, California State University Long Beach
  • M.S., Community Psychology, Springfield College
  • M.S., Architecture, NewSchool of Architecture and Design
  • Ph.D., Environmental Psychology, Union Institute and University

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