Positions that Require Recruitment

  • Classified – nonexempt
  • Administrative faculty/professional positions – exempt
  • Academic faculty (teaching, research, clinical) – exempt

Initiate a Recruitment

The hiring manager or designee submits a Recruitment Request and attaches the following items:

  • UNLV Required Documents:
    • NPD-19 (Classified Position)*
    • Position Description (PDQ)* – Administrative Faculty Position and/or job description for faculty
    • Department Organization Chart – Vacant position highlighted in yellow
  • Pro forma for clinical and academic physicians

* Note: Backfill positions use the current NPD-19, PDQ, or job description.

When submitting the Recruitment Request, the hiring manager needs to also indicate whether recruitment is internal or external.

Department financial administrators should review all requests prior to submitting them to the School of Medicine Human Resources Department. All recruitments, during the hiring freeze, must be approved by the School of Medicine leadership and require chancellor approval.

Posting Positions

External Recruitment

Open to the public and NSHE employees. The following are external job bulletins where job vacancies can be posted:

You may also visit the main campus' Recruitment Resources webpage for more information, tips, and guides.

Note: Additional advertisement can be requested through your School of Medicine Human Resources recruiter.

Internal Recruitment

Internal jobs are posted in Workday for current NSHE employees only. UNLV employees or employees within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE), as well as anyone with current access to NSHE’s Workday system, must use the “Find Jobs” process within Workday to find and apply for jobs at UNLV and other NSHE Institutions.

Search Waivers

Obtaining Approval

If a department would like to fill a position without completing a formal search, a search waiver must be requested and approved. The department must complete a Recruitment Request and will need to attach the following items:

  • Search Waiver Form
  • Manager Justification
  • PDQ
  • CV
  • Organizational Chart
  • New Position Form, if applicable

More Information about the UNLV Search Waiver Process

Exceptions to Recruiting for Classified Positions

There are three expectations to recruiting for classified positions. The main UNLV Human Resources Office oversees these exceptions.

Search Committees

A search committee is only required for Administrative and Academic faculty positions.

Classified recruitments are recommended to have a panel. Although a formal search process can be used, it's not required.

The hiring manager, administrative assistant, or School of Medicine Human Resources Department will set up search committees in Workday to allow committee members to access the job requisition and candidate applications and materials.

The hiring manager/designee provides the names of committee members to the School of Medicine Human Resources Department by completing a Recruitment Request. The School typically inputs committee information into Workday on behalf of the hiring manager.



The search committee chair is usually appointed by the hiring manager and reviewed by the School of Medicine Human Resources Department and leadership.

  • Should contribute to the assessment of candidates and decision-making for a particular vacancy announcement
  • Should have knowledge of the job and experience
  • Can be selected within the School of Medicine, UNLV, or external to UNLV
  • Should have an expressed commitment to diversity, equity, and excellence
  • Are expected to complete the search committee's unconscious bias training and attend meetings

Note: A minimum of three or more interviewers is recommended.

Candidate Interviews

The administrative assistant or designee in the department should be responsible for scheduling candidate interviews. A School's Human Resources representative will assist in the absence of the department's administrative assistant support.

Academic/clinical (physician) positions' interviews will be handled by the School of Medicine Human Resources Department.

Note: EEO approval is required for in-person academic and administrative position interviews, and for Classified approval for phone and in-person interviews.

More Information about the UNLV Recruitment Process

Out-of-state Candidates

The administrative assistant or designee in the department is responsible for scheduling out-of-state candidates' travel arrangements for all positions except for academic/physician faculty, which are scheduled by the School of Medicine Human Resources Department.



The hiring department should do the following when hiring a student:

  1. Create an Employer Account in Handshake.
  2. Review applicants' resumes and selects a candidate for hire.

A School of Medicine Human Resources representative will then contact the candidate to complete the hire in Workday and the onboarding process.

Graduate Assistants

For information about hiring a graduate assistant, visit the Graduate College website.

Letter of Appointment (LOA)

LOA hires require approval by the School of Medicine's leadership during the hiring freeze. If approved, the hiring department should submit an LOA Hire/Change Request Form and include the following:

  • Justification that includes funding details
  • Job description
  • Salary agreement for a salaried LOA, which must meet FLSA salary guidelines, if applicable

Please visit the main UNLV Human Resources website for additional information regarding types of LOAs and the benefits each type can receive.