UNLV Guidelines for search waivers have not changed and should only be requested when it is in the best interest of the university. Communication about potential search waivers should still occur outside of Workday within the respective department up through Appointing Authority or Provost’s office, if applicable. This should allow for quicker review as the involved parties were made aware of the request before seeing it in their Workday inboxes. Please see important information below on initiating a search waiver.

The following is a list of search waiver types along with a brief description of each. Please contact your Primary Recruiter to ensure the appropriate waiver type is initiated in Workday our email us at UNLVHrRecruitment@unlv.edu.

Faculty Search Waivers Reported to the Board of Regents

To Obtain Special Skills

A search waiver may be approved to acquire the services of an individual whose academic, research, or professional qualifications are responsive to an express need of the institution and are so noted in their discipline as to negate a reasonable presumption that a better qualified candidate would result from an open and competitive search.


An employee may be reinstated to employment without a search, if the employee separated from UNLV within the past 12 calendar months and is returning to the same or substantially similar role within the same department or division, with no material increase in salary.

Coach Staff

Used by Intercollegiate Athletics only.

Spousal Hire

Limited use waiver for special circumstances.

Faculty Search Waivers not Reported to the Board of Regents


To Prevent a Critical Work Stoppage

A specified term appointment up to one-year (not subject to renewal) may be approved to acquire the services of an individual critical to institutional needs when operating requirements are immediate and a public search would result in undue delay or disruption. The department is committed to conducting an open and competitive search during the specified term appointment period.

Reassignment or Lateral Transfer

A reassignment or lateral transfer may be approved without a search to reassign an individual within a unit, department, or division (or among divisions with the joint concurrence of division vice presidents) to perform a new role (whether time-limited or continuing in nature and whether position or employee transfers) in order to achieve operational objectives – particularly in the instance of a nine-month faculty member being appointed to a 12-month academic or administrative role.

Internal Promotion

An internal promotion may be approved without a public search to promote an individual within the unit, department, or division where such individual serves as next in line subordinate of the vacant position and for which no similarly situated individual exists.


Post-Doctoral Scholar or Resident Physician and Dentist

As defined by Board of Regents Handbook, a postdoctoral scholar is a temporary appointment of at least 50% in a specialized education and training position under the direction of a faculty sponsor. Resident Physicians and Resident Dentists, as defined by Board of Regents, are doctors who are continuing their education after received of a degree through instruction and provision of patient care services by means of educational and clinical experience. (Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 7, Section 1 and 5).

Research Postdoctoral Scholar Exception Hiring Process

Eligibility requirements for Hiring a Research/Instruction Postdoctoral Scholar Employing departments shall ascertain that prospective appointees meet all eligibility requirements prior to the commencement of appointment

  • Appointment must be of at least 50% FTE.

Equal Employment Opportunity

All decisions of the academic departments will be made without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation or other factors, which cannot be a lawful basis for providing an opportunity for additional training.

Work Eligibility

If the appointee is not a U.S. Citizen, it is the department's responsibility to document the appointee’s eligibility to work as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the United States in accordance with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) rules, prior to the desired start date of employment.


  • The appointment serves to advance the competence of a person who has recently completed higher professional training marked by a doctoral degree.
  • Incumbent must have completed a doctoral degree in the appropriate discipline.

Official Transcript

It is the department's responsibility to obtain an official transcript of the highest degree.

Duration of Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment

The duration of Postdoctoral Fellow appointment will, in most cases, be one year or two, and may not exceed five years.

Appointment Renewal

If applicable, offer/contracts will be renewed every fiscal year and must be coordinated with the Office of the Vice President of Research.

Required Documents

  • Budget Form (if new position)
  • Search Exception Memo
  • CV
  • Transcript

Note: Position Description Questionnaires (PDQ’s) are no longer required

Initiating Hiring Process in Workday

The department is responsible for initiating any Workday business process required to complete the hiring process prior to the postdoctoral fellow’s start date. Additionally, all offers/contracts must be completed accurately with minimal errors.

New Position

  • Initiate the Create Position business process; and attach the following documents:
  • Title of the position must be in this format: “Postdoctoral Scholar of XXX (state discipline)”

Job Requisition

  • Initiate the Create Job Requisition business process; and attach the following documents:
    • Search Exception Memo
    • CV
    • Transcript
  • Title of the position must be in this format: “Postdoctoral Scholar of XXX (state discipline)”


  • Use the template provided by the Office of Research to ensure applicable text blocks are selected for the questionnaire, and additional required language is stated before moving the document forward.
  • Please contact the Office of Research if you need assistance.

Classified Exceptions to Recruitment

700 Hour List

List of persons with disabilities who are eligible for temporary limited appointments (NAC 284.364). This exception would be led by Human Resources.


Not used at UNLV. Use the Create Job Requisition>New or Create Job Requisition>Replacement reason type.


Used for Reinstatements (former permanent employee), Reassignments (reasonable accommodation placement) Transfer, Voluntary Demotion and any other non-competitive appointments. These exceptions would be led by Human Resources.


Appointment of a current or former employee to a class for which he or she has reemployment rights (layoff). This exception would be led by Human Resources.

These four Classified Exceptions will be led by Human Resources after receipt of the department’s initial Job Requisition. A HR representative will keep in contact with the department on potential next steps.