The process to resign from employment at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV is comprised of the following steps:

  1. The employee must submit a letter of resignation to the supervisor.
  2. The supervisor sends an acknowledgment of the resignation for academic or administrative faculty employees. The employee will have 3 days to rescind.
  3. The supervisor must have classified staff employees fill out and sign an NPD-45.
  4. Once these steps are complete, the supervisor is responsible for sending all paperwork to the School of Medicine Human Resources Department.
  5. Upon receiving the paperwork, the School's Human Resources Department will send the employee an email with clearance, contact information, and exit interview instructions.
  6. The resignation is then entered in Workday by the School of Medicine Human Resources Department or by the employee.
  7. The School's Human Resources Department notifies IT of the termination to disable the employee's email.

Note: Academic faculty with clinical responsibilities have a separate off-boarding procedure with UNLV Health. Information regarding this procedure is provided by UNLV Health Human Resources and clinic administrators.

Employee Workday Instructions

Employee Clearance

Employee clearance is an official checkout procedure required to ensure that you have no outstanding debts and have completed all required paperwork prior to separating from the University.

The School of Medicine Human Resources Department:

  • Sends the employee an email with instructions for an exit interview with the School of Medicine and with the contact information of the main campus Human Resources Office.
  • Notifies the School's Information Technology Department, Campus Payroll, and Benefits of separation.
  • Collects badges, access cards, and equipment.

Note: Research personnel may have specific clearance procedures.

Benefits After Separation

Benefits will continue until the end of the month. You may choose to keep your health benefits after terminating from UNLV, and will be responsible for their full cost through COBRA, which is administered through a third party. Information will be sent to you from the third-party administrator.

Retiree Health Insurance

The health insurance plan for retirees under the age of 65 is the same coverage that is available as an active employee and will continue to be your primary insurance until you qualify for Medicare (generally at the age of 65). Costs are determined by the coverage required and the number of years of service by the employee. Contact the UNLV’s Human Resources benefits team to discuss options and any required paperwork.