Faculty/Staff Directory

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Heather Addison, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor
Office: FDH 430A
Phone: 702-895-3547

Charles Burmeister

Assistant Professor
Office: FDH 427
Phone: 702-895-4434

Sean Clark, M.F.A.

Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts
Office: FDH 423
Phone: 702-895-2442

Warren Cobb

Director of Production Operations
Office: FDH 449
Phone: 702-895-4220

Jason R. Edmiston, B.A.

Film and New Media Specialist
Office: FDH 127
Phone: 702-895-2671

Susan Gearling

Administrative Assistant IV, Office Manager
Office: FDH 462
Phone: 702-895-4628

Clarence Gilyard, M.F.A.

Associate Professor
Office: FDH 406
Phone: 702-895-1059

Nataly Kroulik-Whipple

Administrative Assistant III
Office: FDH 452
Phone: 702-895-3547

Brett Caroline Levner, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor
Office: FDH 460
Phone: 702-895-4627

Francisco Menendez, M.F.A.

Professor, Artistic Director
Office: FDH 429
Phone: 702-895-4223