Film Resources

Film Resources

The following is a list of resources available to our student filmmakers, including a production guide, examples of student work, filmmaking resources in the Las Vegas area, and film-related student organizations.

UNLV FILM Production Guide

The UNLV FILM Production Guide will help you develop your project and shoot in Las Vegas.

UNLV FILM and the College of Fine Arts on YouTube

Watch some of our students’ work on the YouTube channel for the UNLV College of Fine Arts.

Nevada Film Office

The Nevada Film Office is a great resource if you are shooting a film in Nevada.


Cinefemmes is a student-run organization supporting the work of female filmmakers. It sponsors special events and guest speakers.

UNLV FILM Criticism

ESTABLISHING THE FRAMEWORK is a collection of outstanding film criticism and analysis produced by our students under the mentorship of Visiting Professor Roudi Boroumand.