Film Resources

Here is a list of resources available to our student filmmakers including film-centric student organizations, a comprehensive short film archive, and a film production guide created specifically to answer any questions about shooting in the Las Vegas area.

2012 UNLV Film Production Guide

2012 UNLV Film Production Guide will help guide you to shooting in Las Vegas.

UNLV Film on Vimeo

Watch some of our UNLV Film students’ work on Vimeo.

Short Film Archive

The UNLV Short Film Archive is a comprehensive collection of short films from all over the world ranging from the beginning of filmmaking to the present time including shorts by Buster Keaton.


Cinefemmes is a student-run organization supporting women filmmakers. It sponsors special events and guest speakers.

Nevada Film Group

Nevada Film Group is a forum for filmmakers in Nevada. Great site to post or seek out casting notices and job opportunities.

Nevada Film Office

The Nevada Film Office is a great resource if you are shooting a film in Nevada.