Undergraduate Program

The bachelor of arts in film degree is designed to give you a strong base for future graduate work at a school best fitting your professional goals, whether they involve production, screenwriting, or scholarly studies in film. You also will develop the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in an entry-level position in the film industry.

Degree Requirements

English Composition: 6 credits ENG 101 and 102

English Literature: 3 credits ENG 231 or 232

Constitution: 4-6 credits HIST 100 or PSC 101

Mathematics: 3 credits

Distribution Requirement (Humanities and Fine Arts):
Life & Physical Sciences & Analytical Thinking
9-10 credits PHI 102, and two courses from life & physical sciences category; at least one must be a lab.

Social Science: 9 credits



Computer Science: 3 credits

Foreign Language: 6 credits. Students must enroll in one foreign language approved by the department.

Film Requirements: 54 credits FIS 100, 110, 216, 220, 414, and either 300 or 400 Select two courses from the following: FIS 410, 411, 440, 441, 445, 446, 449, 470, 474, 475, 477, 478, 493, 494. Select one course from the following: FIS 409, 443, 444, 495, 496 or 497. Select seven elective courses from additional film department offerings in concert with film advisor.

Electives: 15 credits

TOTAL: 124-128 credits

Notes: Every student must complete a three-credit multicultural course and a three-credit international course. Courses satisfying other requirements may simultaneously satisfy the multicultural and international requirements except one course cannot satisfy both the multicultural and the international requirements.