A view of UNLV campus from above campus in a drone.


UNLV is committed to advancing sustainable practices on campus and to solving the sustainability crisis in the desert southwest through education, research, activities, development, and operations to make social, environmental, and economic sustainability integral to university culture.

Key Facts

821.5 MWh
Amount of electricity (megawatt hours) generated by UNLV solar panels
Number of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on campus
Tons of material diverted from landfills in 2022
A man recycling cardboard into a recycle bin.
A view of large building and infrastructure built on campus, lit up with lights in the evening.
An electric car plugged in at a charging station.
A solar panel on campus generating electricity.
A view of flowers and landscaping in front of the Registrar office.
A painting on the side of the Surplus Building of recycled and surplus goods.
An adult with a child sitting in the raised garden carrot bed.
A vacant dining area with tables and chairs and a bar counter with barstools and UNLVs branding on the wall.
Student Sustainability Council

Sustainability Task Force

The Sustainability Task Force furthers the university’s sustainability mission by serving as a connection for faculty, staff, and students to collaborate and create a bridge between ideas and their practical implementation.


  • Musa Pam
    Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
  • Dr. Alfredo Fernandez-Gonzalez
    Professor School of Architecture
  • Dr. David James
    Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Construction
  • Don Johnson
    Assistant Director, Facilities Operations, Facilities Management
  • Dr. Lisa Davis
    Executive Director of Graduate Student Services, Lee Business School
  • Matthew Whinery
    Director, Capital Projects and Administration, Facilities Management
  • Tara Pike
    Recycling Manager, Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities Management
  • Thomas Durbin
    Senior Construction Engineer/Inspector, Facilities Management
  • Zachary Billot
    CSUN Official
  • Andie Davis
    Campus Sustainability
  • Christine Bergman
    Professor, Hospitality
  • Helen Neil
    Associate Professor, Public Administration
  • Krystyna Stave
    Professor, Public Policy
  • Levent Atici
    Executive Director of Undergraduate Research
  • Robert Futrell
    Professor, Sociology