A sky view of the Greenspun Hall


Facilities Management maintains UNLV's state-supported learning, research, and working environments.

Units within Facilities Management
~3.9 MM
Square feet of buildings supported
825 MWh
Amount of electricity (megawatt hours) generated by UNLV solar panels
A team photo of the Facilities Management staff members standing on a staircase outside of the Student Union
A man in uniform standing with his hands placed at his hips
A view of UNLV campus from above campus in a drone.
Outside view of the Black Fire Innovation makerspace building
A person filling out a form with another person standing next to them.
A pair of glasses on a manila clasp envelope

Solar Energy Production


What’s Happening

smiling young woman with trees in background

2024 UNLV Student Service Award winner Makayla Franklin inspires Black pride and representation on campus through Afrikan Black Coalition Conference.

woman standing atop two closed dumpsters

Revitalization efforts for Drive Up Drop Off program will include repainting dumpsters and new signage to spread the word about the program's services.

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