Custodial Services utilizes a zone and crew concept combined with station cleaning to perform general cleaning and housekeeping duties for all state supported facilities. Team cleaning is still used at management's discretion, depending on daily workload requirements. A special projects crew is deployed to handle large work orders (usually floors or carpets), minimizing the impact to routine building cleaning. Daytime servicing of restrooms and high traffic areas is accomplished by a separate day crew. Green Seal approved chemicals and equipment are utilized to the greatest extent possible, and both are reviewed constantly for increased implementation across the campus. Routine services include cleaning, sanitizing, and restocking restrooms; vacuuming; dusting; spot cleaning and shampooing carpets; sweeping/mopping/stripping/waxing hard floors; cleaning white boards, trays and erasers; cleaning classroom tables and chairs; cleaning entryway glass doors; cleaning interior walls; cleaning and sanitizing drinking fountains and hydration stations; and emptying trash. Routine services are currently under a reduced cleaning schedule to meet budget constraints. Restrooms, common areas, and classrooms are still serviced daily, but office (including trash removal) are only serviced weekly. Under reduced cleaning, carpets are shampooed and hard floors are stripped and waxed once per year (additional cleaning can be requested at departmental expense). Other services include scheduling and coordinating annual exterior window cleaning (by contractor/departmental expense) and special event coverage/weekend cleaning. Custodial Services also cleans the pool, deck area, locker rooms, and main gyms at MPE. The bulk of all custodial work is performed on night shift and is supported by a skeletal weekend servicing crew.

Contact Information

Doug McLean
Assistant Director, Custodial Services

List of Cleaning Services


  • Empty all common area trash containers and replace liners
  • Dust and damp mop all classrooms floors
  • Clean whiteboards/chalkboards and trays
  • Clean all doors and surrounding glass
  • Spot clean fingerprints, smudges, etc. from door frames and surrounding glass
  • Clean and sanitize all restroom fixtures, floors, mop restroom floors with disinfectant, and restock dispensers
  • Clean and sanitize drinking fountains/hydration stations
  • Spot clean carpets as needed
  • Vacuum all common area carpets and dust
  • Damp mop spills from all floors
  • Clean and maintain custodial rooms


  • Clean stairwells
  • Private offices: vacuum, dust, empty trash, and sweep/mop
  • Clean classroom tabletops


  • Damp mop and burnish all hallway floors, spray-buff monthly, or more often as needed


  • Strip and refinish tile floors
  • Shampoo carpeted areas (except personal carpet); heavy traffic areas as needed