For many years UNLV has employed best practices across all aspects of facilities management to reduce the cost and environmental impact of energy and water used to support our university mission. Since 2000 we have reduced the amount of energy and water used on campus while increasing the square footage of buildings maintained. There has been a 74 percent reduction in water use/sf and a 36 percent reduction in energy use/sf during this time period.

Some examples of UNLV’s commitment to utility sustainability include the following completed projects:

  • The installation of 1.3MW of Solar PV across campus,
  • The replacement of more than 1.3 million square feet of turf grass with water saving desert landscape,
  • The upgrade of the science corridor physical plant including a new energy efficient chiller and the installation of extremely efficient energy valves.

Going forward, UNLV is in the midst of a campus-wide conversion to LED lighting, with an expected dramatic reduction in energy use and maintenance. Energy and water efficiency will also be a key factor in upcoming capital improvement projects as we replace water, roof and HVAC systems.

The facilities management team is always looking for ways to improve everyone’s campus experience, and at the same reduce both environmental and economic impacts. Focusing on making our utility use more efficient is just one way that the FM team does this every day.

Contact Information

Matthew Whinery
Energy and Utility Manager

UNLV Energy and Utility Manager

The energy and utility manager at UNLV does a variety of jobs that make the utility use on campus more sustainable. These roles not only reduce overall utility costs, but also reduce non-renewable fuel consumption, water consumption, greenhouse gases emissions, and improve overall water and air quality. Over the course of a day this could involve reviewing utility rates, calculating return on investment for energy efficiency projects and presenting to upper management, or reviewing student energy projects — anything to promote energy sustainability on campus.

As with all of the facilities management team, the energy and utility manager is here to support students, faculty, and staff in making their campus experience enjoyable. Anyone is welcome to reach out to the energy manager with questions or concerns regarding the campus. Take advantage of this resource and be sustainable!