The Rebel Recycling Program is committed to providing the campus with comprehensive waste reduction, recycling, and resource management in an efficient, timely manner. The foundation of our mission is based on the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

  • Reduce the amount of things you throw away.
  • Reuse the things you have until they can no longer be reused.
  • Recycle once you have completed the first two R's.

Contact Information

Tara Pike-Nordstrom
UNLV Sustainability Coordinator

Reasons for the University Recycling Program

  • Education Value/Raises Awareness
  • Good Community Member/Role Model
  • Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship
    • Conserves Water
    • Reduces Air Pollution
    • Conserves Landfill Space
    • Conserves Finite and Renewable Resources
    • Conserves Energy
  • Resource and Solid Waste Management
  • Avoid Landfill Fees
  • Help support state recycling goal of 25%
  • Supports UNLV's Urban Sustainability Initiatives



  • Manager
  • Full-time Assistant Manager/Foreman
  • Two Full-time Collectors
  • Full-time Cardboard Collector
  • 9 to 11 Student Workers
  • Light Duty Workers
  • Court Ordered Community Service Workers
  • Student Volunteers
  • Helen J. Stewart mentally challenged students

Equipment and Facility

  • Two double-wide trailers
  • Two forklifts
  • Arlyn 5,000 pound Pallet Scale
  • 16 foot box truck
  • Four flat-bed utility carts
  • Three collection trailers
  • 35 towable cardboard dumpsters
  • Two sea/storage containers
  • 21 indoor student recycling bins (75 more on order)
  • 12 outdoor student recycling bins
  • Horizontal Baler
  • Vertical Baler
  • Heavy Duty Office Shredder
  • Approximately 1/2 acre facility

Funding Sources

  • $1 per student per semester (Spring and Fall semester only) is approximately $55,000 per year
  • Revenue from sale of material is approximately $47,000 per year
  • Avoided Landfill Fees are between $15,000 and $17,000
  • State/University provides funding
  • Equipment has been purchased through grants from Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), NAPCOR, and UNLV Planning Initiative Awards
  • Equipment also purchased through UNLV Salary Savings Program

Special Projects/Community Involvement

  • Earth Day and America Recycles Day events
  • Tours and paper-making projects
  • Christmas tree recycling committee
  • Recyclemania
  • Vegoose Music Festival Recycling
  • Drive Up and Drop Off (DUDO)

Future Plans

  • Continue to increase amount of materials collected and recycled
  • Implement recycling in each new campus building
  • Expand staff by one full-time person
  • Expand collection of traditional recyclables to the UNLV Residence Halls
  • Acquire enough outdoor student recycling bins
  • Collect recycling from athletic and other UNLV sponsored special events
  • Move into an indoor facility (warehouse or butler building)

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Be on the committee to assist in new student bin placement
  • Assist with maintaining student bins by phoning when you see one that needs to be emptied
  • Help with Recyclemania
  • Create your own project (eNewsletter, Web site development, etc.)
  • Volunteer Opportunities